A great day before the big chill

We are forecasted to be in the single digits before this weekend and with yesterday's high of only 30 I was sure my season was over. After a gloomy morning the sun finally broke and the temperature hit 40. Our workload was light and we finished midafternoon. I thought "this is it, last try". I texted my wife to let her know that I would be home at dusk as the 'fields were calling my name'. I recently obtained permission from a local farm and had hoped to try the fields before winter closed them up. I spent 3 hours swinging "Sterling Steve" (that's my Garrett AT Pro). Here's what I was able to rescue from that cold ground.


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    nice afternoon, 'eh?

    bob :)

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    Awe Dude, What a great day! PLEASE, list the finds, especially the coins! That 1829 Half-Dime silver is just to die for! You may have hit a good one there! Wow, from an old field. Unbelievable! I LOVE THIS HOBBY!

    Oh how I LOVE this hobby!
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    that sure is a great afternoon for sure

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    Yup, I'd freeze my butt off for finds like that. I needed some shoelaces and stopped in a Giant. On the way in I stuck my hand in the Coinstar reject slot and pulled out 12 coins. That is quite a haul for me. I'll post them later cause they are from all over the planet earth. Peace Roy

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    That 1829 looks pretty high grade too B)

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    Wow, nice haul, congratulations !!! :)

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    Great finds! Just love that bust half dime! What are the other items? The shield almost looks like a Civil War Identification badge, but I guess it is too small for that. And the white one? A tooth fragment?

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    The white bone piece looks like the nub of a deer antler..... not sure what the shield item is, maybe more detail when you clean it. What a great field.... I am sure you will go back in the spring. Cheers, RickO

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    What is the history of the field where you hunted? Good detective work.

  • Congrats on your great finds. Most metal detecting hobbyists can only dream of finding such wonderful items. After you warm up where you live, we look forward to more pictures. Thanks for sharing. MDH

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