Help ID this Spanish (?) coin and token

I normally collect US stuff. These two pieces came in a larger lot. Can anyone help identify them?

The first one feels like it should have enough detail for someone who knows what they're looking at. One side has an eagle with P P to either side of the tail below. The other side has lettering that seems to say in part ...CRIE REX. About 16 mm diameter now; clearly clipped down from something that started off larger.

The second one is on a Spain 4 pesetas (1852-1864). The counterstamp seems to be a JA monogram, with 2R below. The counter stamp is good quality and fairly distinctive but "JA 2R" doesn't help me so much on a Google search. :-)

Any ideas for either of these?


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    The first one might be:
    Spain, Kingdom of Sicily, copper Grano

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    @WillieBoyd2 said:
    The first one might be:
    Spain, Kingdom of Sicily, copper Grano

    @WillieBoyd2, I'm not finding a good match. Can you point me to an example to look at?

  • My best guess about the JA counterstamp is a Latin American hacienda or merchant token. The Spanish 4 reales host coin had a weight that was much closer to (actually a little lower than) a 2 reales denomination used throughout that region during this time.

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