Not so Precious Metal ingots found at the beach

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The fam & I hit the our favorite beach for hunting sea glass a couple days before the New year. My son starts hollering he found a ship anchor half buried in the rocks. Well, they're not exactly a ships anchor, but there were 2 of them pretty near each other.
We dug them out and found 2- 60lb lead ingots for our efforts. They're about 3' in length. I kept 1 and left the other... Crazy how something this heavy winds up washed ashore.
N-F Metals is stamped up top. A little googling tells me that Non-ferrous Metals is a 3rd generation, family owned foundry based out of Seattle specializing in lead casting, alloying and recycling.
Pretty cool eh?


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    That’s cool. Looking quickly at the picture and before reading the description in your post, I thought they were old window weights.

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    is it ballast from a boat?

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    I’ve heard of sacrificial metal bars being bolted to ships hills to prevent rusting. Many different types. A google search said magnesium is a common metal type for this.

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    @bronco2078 said:
    is it ballast from a boat?

    I believe so, yes.

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    That's pretty neat !!! :)

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    Cool find!

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    Just called them to ask approximate value. If they're the "60 lb Lead Ingots", they retail for about $2 per pound.
    He said they wouldn't pay that much to buy them back, but they definitely have some scrap value.

    I'd sell 'em and use the $$ to buy gold or silver. Nothing better than an old fashioned trash-to-treasure conversion!

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    Awesome Finds, and that is a really nice spot!
    I have been combing the local beach here for beach glass for the past couple years

    at first there was soooo much, but its been slim pickings of late

    Very cool beach find there with the Giant Lead Bar also

    It's all about what the people want...

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    @Weiss - Not a bad idea though I don't know who the heck would buy something this heavy. I suppose I could craigslist it, but I kinda think it's cool as a front porch doorstop type thing. I sure as heck don't want to ship something this heavy.

    Thanks Luke. This is our super, top secret beach that's not very accessible to the public. There's quite a bit of glass to be found but we've put a dent in over the past couple years. You should see the cliff and hanging ropes we have to traverse to get down to it and you'd really appreciate how I got a 60lb lead ingot home. No way I was going back for the 2nd one. B)

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    These were commonly called lead "PIGS" in the printing industry for casting 'hot type'. I believe that is an industrial term these days for lead ingots. Could have or still been used for ballast or whatever in many sizes/weights.

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