Foreign dealer recommendation needed

Hi everyone and thanks in advance.

I'm looking for a 1568 Scotland 30 shillings ryal ("Sword Dollar") that is either already in someone's holder or is gradable at PCGS, but isn't a museum quality piece that is priced out of reach. These basically never turn up in the U.S. so I'm looking for recommendations elsewhere. I know examples are out there. My want list at Spinks has been useless for several years; I'm not even confident it made it home with the guys working the booth at two different ANA shows where I submitted it.

Any suggestions who I should contact?

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    Off the top of my head...
    AMR Coins
    Colin Cooke
    Roderick Richardson
    Neil Paisley at Baldwins

    via auctions
    London Coins
    St. James

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    ^ What is above is a good start, crazily enough though I have bought some of my rarer than hen's teeth Scots coins from Antony Wilson of Yorkcoins and also Stacks.

    Also Lloyd Bennett at

    I would recommend looking at and signing up with a want list. Since 2001 five examples of that coin have come up for auction.

    Quite a few of the Ryals were counterstamped with a crown and thistle in 1578 when the coin was revalued at a higher tariff.

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    Thank you both for your suggestions; I shall look into them.
    I've been working on an 8-coin 1565-71 PCGS set for 17 years and 1568 is the last one I need.

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    Scots coins can be a PITA if you are doing date sets, try the 1580-1586 30 /- coins - some of the dates have only 2-3 known examples. I own a couple of very rare James VI coins, but my favourite coins are Queen Mary's coins, particularly a portrait coin.

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  • I think I have a friend who has one, what grade were you looking at?

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    @Obone said:
    I think I have a friend who has one, what grade were you looking at?

    Thanks for your reply! Ideally, by U.S. standards I'm thinking the VF20-35 range. The overriding priority is being able to get into a problem-free holder.

    When in doubt, don't.
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