First silver, a 1926 Mercury dime!

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Took my daughter to the local park on my last day of vacation to use our new toy. Pleasantly surprised to find our first silver coin, a nice looking 1926 Mercury dime! Nestled beneath the roots of a large tree for probably the last 75 years or so.

I'm hooked.

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    Always nice to see those little white discs come out of the ground

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    My first Merc was a 24-P found at a local park. Definitely hooked me too. Good luck

  • Congratulations on a wonderful find.

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    Great coin! And always such a great feeling, finding something that has been hidden for so long! Love this hobby!

    Oh how I LOVE this hobby!
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    Wow... very nice silver dime... Congratulations.... Now onto quarters, halves and silver dollars....To appropriate a saying for MD'rs...."They are out there."....Cheers, RickO

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