For Sale - World crowns and minors (Graded)

I am down sizing . Free shipping with tracking , payment accepted with paypal and checks.

1.# Emmanuel de Rohan 15 Tari 1779 VF35 NGC, KM316, Restelli-41. asking $300
1/2 Taler size issue. With slate gray toning and even wear. A seldom encountered type. Only coin graded by NGC.

2. # Edward VII Crown 1902 AU58 NGC, KM803 - asking $275

3. Louis XVIII 5 Francs 1821-W XF45 PCGS, KM711.13. $125

4. Republic Sol 1866/56-YB AU53 PCGS, KM196.1. asking $75

5. Republic Escudo 1910 AU58 NGC, KM560. asking $90


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    nice coins, sent you a message with a question

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    German States: Westphalia. Hieronymous Napoleon 2/3 Taler 1811 - asking $225
    Please disregard the sticker that says only 1 in higher grade, i think there 4 more in higher grade in pcgs pop report.

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