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1994 p quarter error? Need help!

I found this 1994 p quarter that I really need some answers to but I’m not sure who to ask, hopefully u can help me. The quarter has multiple errors. Obverse side: doubling in the “p” the “i” “n” and “t” are bold and touch, I’m not sure what the correct term for it is, i apologize. On the reverse side: the eagles beak is doubled! There’s an extra line by the eagles right talon, please keep in mind I have looked over similar quarters, same yr and what not, and none of them have these error as this particular quarter does. Above the word “dollar” there is doubling in the vine. The “c” In America runs down onto the eagles wing, also the “o” and “l” In dollar connect on one spot. The “A” and possibly the “r” In dollar is doubled as well. Can anyone tell me if it’s legit? I have pictures if needed!


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