Big coin show agent question

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Supposed there was this big coin show coming up and you can’t go but are looking for someone to buy coins how would you find such a person and what do they charge?


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    Hopefully, the dealer/agent is someone that you have had successful transactions with in the past and s/he is going to the show. You provide grade/price range, tone, etc.

    If it is the first time then I would start small $-wise until you are sure the the dealer/agent is in sync with your desires to prevent the heartburn/sour stomach feelings.


    The dealer I have been with makes a lists of items I am interested in and brings them back. I have bought 99.9% of everything brought back. The 0.1 was because he wrote someone else’s coin on the list for me. No extra charge since the dealer was already attending.

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    Mark Feld

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    If the ANA is coming to town (or other big national show) it may be worth having an agent, especially if you are in the market for a Stella, a 1794 dollar, or a 54-S QE.

    For a typical local/regional show, you are probably fortunate that you are unavailable. There is a high degree of certainty that you would not find anything you could not find better and or less expensive online.

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