Perhaps the best image of an Eagle on a Coin I've ever seen ...

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This flying eagle seems to lift off the coin with a near 3D effect. The toning is pretty spectacular as well. Why can't the U.S.Mint produce coins like this anymore? This is more sculpture that belongs in an art gallery.


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    Very nice coin!

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    Very nice indeed.

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    Eagles! Always like the soaring eagles.

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    @WingedLiberty1957 said:
    Why can't the U.S.Mint produce coins like this anymore?

    Probably because the people who have the final say have no clue.

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    Beautiful example, WL. The wings look a lot like the classic FE cent wings, but the Eagle's body is much different, in fact I thought awkward, but I recall that is how a bird of prey looks just when it leaves its perch and the wings are pulling hard to gain some altitude. I think the old coin designers were keen observers of nature. I agree that the 3D effect is not seen much anymore and would greatly improve many modern designs.

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    Yup, bird of prey in flight is some special motion. Too bad mint engravers are not inspired by realistic depictions of creatures in nature. Blank exergues, gears and straight lines are lazyness. Peace Roy

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    The eagle on that pattern is....well, never mind. ;)

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    They call that BN (brown)? Looks BL (blue) to me. :*

    I also really like the original reverse to the Sacagewea dollar. It needed to be low relief in this age of "coinability" requirements, but it is outstanding especially considering the constraints.

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    Great post! Love all the wonderful images. Forgot about a few of those.

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    That’s a fine looking eagle your showing there. ;)

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    That is one beefy bird!

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    I'll say it! While I like the coin the Eagle on it looks like a cross between a Turkey and a Buzzard!

    @RogerB said:
    The eagle on that pattern is....well, never mind. ;)

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    I like it, broken neck and all.

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    Seriously a work of art there?

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    Look at the design IN the mouth/beak. The spoon-like curved tongue. This is the first time I have seen that much detail. Thanks for the viewing!

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    I'm Eagleguy and I approve this post!

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    The FE cent in the OP is certainly deserving of the grade.... Nice 3D effect. Eagles are magnificent birds...I see them often in this area...When I lived in WA state, I once saw a large quantity of them in a field... we watched them for almost an hour... the field had a lot of mice....Cheers, RickO

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    I suspect the field had a lot fewer mice after the eagle party. ;)

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    Agreed! That flying eagle is other-worldly! If I may,U.S. paper has some beautiful eagles as well.Perhaps the most interesting example(although arguably not the most beautiful example) is the "jackass note" where the eagle, when flipped, resembles a donkey's head.

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    But blue!

    I’m partial to real eagles

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    Very nice.

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