REVISIT: Jefferson Nickel Variety of the Week - 1945-D/D DDO FS-101

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Jefferson Nickel Variety of the Week - 1945-D/D DDO FS-101

I wanted to provide an update on this variety. The last post was back in December 2017. Let me refresh your memory.

We know there are 2 different reverses paired with this DDO-006. It's interesting that the two reverses are two different RPMs, RPM-005 and RPM-020. There is also die pairing with RPM-005 and an obverse that is NOT DDO-006. This is why I like this particular date with its variety of varieties. I have not found an RPM-020 paired with a regular obverse, but i assume there is.

Here is the update:
I now have found or seen roughly 12-15 examples of this DDO-006 variety. Of these, 4 have been the RPM-005 shown below. The remainder being RPM-020. This is confirming my observation that the RPM-005 paired variety is the tough one. I am curious, for those who own one of these 1945-D/D FS-101s, is your example RPM-005 (below) or RPM-020?

Happy hunting!

Check out these steps on my 1945-D/D DDO-006 / RPM-005......BAM!


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