Mexican and Related 8 Reales Coins: Coin Turn or Medal Turn?

I was just listing one of my 8 reales on eBay (I've given up on the BST for the most part), an 1839-Go PJ in AU55 PCGS, and noticed something odd about it: It is struck in "medal turn" like British coins, where the tops of each side are directly opposite each other. U.S coins are normally struck in "coin turn," where the top of one side is directly opposite the bottom of the other side. To say it another way, to view U.S. coins right-side-up in a PCGS slab, you turn them over from top to bottom; British coins, and this 1839 8 reales, are seen right-side-up by turning the slab over from side to side.

I rapidly checked the nearly dozen other 8 reales and 1 peso coins I have, and all are struck in coin turn. Do Ye Experts in the series have any idea or generalities about which coins were struck in medal turn and which in coin turn? @Boosibri @7Jaguars @TwoKopeiki @Yorkshireman

A gentleman on another forum replied that he had an 1834-Go and it was also struck in medal turn ...

What say ye?

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George Our Registry Sets Many successful BSTs; pls ask.


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