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Hello, I have lurked on the forum for some time having inherited old silver coins and silver certificates, etc. I have a tiny bit of knowledge about the silver certificates but do not know about modern currency, so would appreciate any info on star notes from the currency experts here. I got $300 out of the ATM yesterday and all of the notes were star notes (2017 $20's). I got $100 more and two of those were also star notes and consecutive. Before I spend these, do you think they have any value over face? One website showed there were 3,200,000 in this production run in Ft. Worth. Serial numbers: NL 02255401* - NL 02255417* The bills look new and unused to me, but they came out of the ATM, so.
Thanks for any help, chillypepper


  • mainejoemainejoe Posts: 261 ✭✭✭

    I'm not an expert on modern star notes. But I have understood that the low(er) runs of 320,000 or less are the more desirable. Not to mention the best condition possible also. Browse this site, can be helpful.

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    @mainejoe is correct. Modern star note collectors pay more for low print runs, 250K, 320K and 640K . Large runs, 3.2M are typically found in packs of 100 and not as rare or hard to find.

  • So, it sounds like the 17 consecutive star notes (like new condition) may have come from a pack of 100 star notes from that larger production that were loaded into the ATM and do not have much value over face. Thanks, good to know.

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    When it comes to notes, condition is everything. If course the more zeroes from the left the better. Peace Roy

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    Maybe put them up on EBay and see if they generate some interest.

  • Thanks, I might do that. I think I might be confused as to what uncirculated condition means though. I always assumed it meant the bills were never distributed (still in the pack). Now I just read uncirculated means "no folds or bends or dirt smudges and the note must have 4 sharp corners." Seems that would apply to my notes.

  • air4mdcair4mdc Posts: 331 ✭✭✭

    If your bills meet the grade criteria you would be fair to list them as CU. Include some good pictures, along with a good description and you should be good.

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