A couple of wishes for the Registries

First off, I truly enjoy the Registry as it is and PCGS has made the ease of navigating the site second to none. With that stated, I do have a couple of small requests yet would also like your opinions on these.
What would you think of adding a LowBall short set of Kennedy half dollars? I'm thinking from 1964 to 1970. Right now there isn't anything in the LowBall Registry recognizing Kennedy halves and this short set might be a neat start.
Also, why is it high grade uncirculated coins are rewarded in the LowBall Registries? For example, in the Ike set difficult coins, such as the 1974 and 1978 are made up of generally uncirculated pieces. I wish coins past a certain condition, such as AU would not be allowed (kind of like how GENUINE is not allowed in LowBall sets). Just some thoughts.


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    Both wishes on your part seem completely reasonable to me and I would suspect they would need fairly limited coding to get seen to completion. I hope that you can get PCGS to see these sets the way that you see them.

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    Great thoughts @braddick :smile:

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    Why not? Seems fine to me given the number of other sets .


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  • I know someone on the inside and will pass along the Kennedy suggestion.

    I do, however, disagree with the concept of disallowing higher grade coins in low ball sets. People often like to move quickly towards set completion then upgrade (downgrade?) from there. We would never disallow a fr2 1916-d merc dime from a traditional merc dime registry set. So I wouldn’t disallow an ms63 Ike in a low ball set.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    I undstand what you are posting, yet you already don't allow GENUINE only coins within the lowball set (rightfully so). A precident has already been set.
    Simply extending this to uncirculated coinage makes sense as AU coins being allowed in would still allow the lowball collector gain by 'downgrading' to lower grade coins as they became availabe.
    It's a bit sad to see some of the top sets remain at the top with so many MS63 and higher coins contained within. This added restriction would simply even out the playing field and make a lowball set truly a Low Ball Set.

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    PCGS added a LowBall Kennedy set! I kind of wish it was a short set, yet so be it. Nice to have this additional Registry to play around with. Thanks, PCGS for making this happen!

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    @braddick - I agree with your suggestion that within Low ball .. the greater value should be to the lowest grades (reverse value concept) for top sets ... so a set of all fr2's would grade & rank higher than a similar set of all MS63's.

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