A 1960 circulated nickel in excellent condition. Wish it had all steps, but still a beauty for the collection.



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    Bitten by the Nickel Bug can be contagious, I was bitten around 1968 and it still affects me today, back then as a kid, I thought finding a 1939 Nickel in change was like finding a ancient relic :smiley: That's a nice circ 60, and if it was BU and had 5 or 6 steps without any blemishes it be quite rare, Keep up the Hunt


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    The collecting of circulated Jefferson nickels was very popular during the great coin collecting boom of the late 1950s and early 1960s. It then died out and has never revived since. I see no reason to believe interest in collecting circulated Jefferson nickels will return. It may be unusual to find high CIRCULATED grade Jefferson nickels in rolls but the vast majority are still worth only 5 cents.

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    @gabrielgabbey said:
    Fully Understand. Just a hobby that the son and I enjoy doing together.

    Which is GREAT! And nickels are a place where you can still find something occasionally. One of our junior numismatists finds silver war nickels all the time. I always tell the kids and parents to start nickel collections as you can mostly complete the entire series from 1938 on from rolls.

    That said, I'm not sure why you are posting those finds here. I'm a part-time dealer and I routinely dump entire uncirculated nickel sets from 1960 on into CoinStar machines. There's simply no way to sell them for more than face value. So, while I'm thrilled that you and your son are having fun with coins - YOU SHOULD!! [We all should.] I don't see any value in posting common date AU/Unc coins here unless you think it's an error or something.

    You are, of course, free to continue to post whatever coins you wish. But, in the recent past, many of the curmudgeons have essentially either ignored or harassed people who were posting pocket change. I would hate for you to suddenly need an expert opinion and have everyone ignoring your post.

    At the very least, you might want to confine your coins to a single thread so people can either look or not.

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    It is really great that you and your son are collecting nickels together... Are you putting your better finds in an album?? That is a great way to collect and fun to fill the holes. Cheers, RickO

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    Have you bought a folder or coin album yet? It can be very fun and exciting to try and find all the date and mint marks, putting them in a folder. I have made a few sets of circulated nickels and other coins. It is a very inexpensive way to begin in the hobby, and you can view and admire the progress.
    Happy hunting

    @gabrielgabbey said:
    Fully Understand. Just a hobby that the son and I enjoy doing together.


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    Not too long ago Dave Bowers was asking for a few old circulated Jeffersons for a project. Very few 50's nickels left in circulation any more.

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    I fill like a cheater sometimes when I buy complete unc set done in a Dansco but for the price I can’t pass them up.

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  • Sorry for the late response. I've come across quite a few 1940's and 1950's. My last bag I was able to pull 3 buffalo, 4 war nickels.

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    @gabrielgabbey said:
    Fully Understand. Just a hobby that the son and I enjoy doing together.

    Awesome! The bonding and experiences you have now will be wonderful moments you will recall in the future.

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    This is how it starts. Good on you and your son!

    Smitten with DBLCs.

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