Heeeelllllloooooo out there in MD land...

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Wow...no posts for six days.....What is going on?? Bad weather?? Hope y'all are doing well....Cheers, RickO


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    I'm here ricko!!

    bob :)

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    im here as well ricko and yes its been to quiet

  • Brand new to the site. Hello everyone. Just an old guy from the northeast looking for buried treasure, lol.

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    @PaTreasureHunter.... Welcome aboard...... Tell us about yourself, equipment and some finds.... Cheers, RickO

  • Just got into dirt fishing about two years ago. My 2 older children thought it would be a different adventure to get involved in. Boy were they right. They have both since left for college but I'm addicted. I run the gambit of Garrett machines. I carry the AT Pro in the vehicle at any given time and we also have the AT Gold, Ace 400 and pin pointers. Our first day out was December 26th 2017. First good find came an hour later. 1904 barber in beautiful condition.... I was HOOKED. Our best finds since then have come just recently when we obtained permission from a 1770's farm. Greatest hits so far this year are:
    (1) 1786 Spanish reale
    (1)1742 English half pence
    (13) large cents(several colonials) ranging in dates from 1790's-1840's
    (1) 1860 2 cent piece
    (1) pre 1850's US Navy anchor pin
    (1) 1890's beautiful gold plated, brass seth thomas pocket watch
    (17) silver dimes. Mercs and barbers.
    Several knives
    (12+) round balls. Some being from Sullivan's March that came through and stayed on the farm in

    Is this the appropriate place to post pictures of my finds?

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    @PaTreasureHunter.... WOW... Outstanding finds...and Yes...pictures are welcome... Being former Navy, I would especially like to see that anchor pin....Those are just super finds....Look forward to pictures.... and Thank you for the great introduction. Cheers, RickO

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    Welcome aboard. Great hobby. FYI. There were no 1860 two cent pieces made. The date is small and can be hard to read after a long dirt nap.
    Could be 1868 though. Good luck. Would love to keep hearing about your finds

  • Yep, sorry about that. I get so messed up on dates. 1864 2 cent piece as seen above

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    Double WWOOWW!!! What a great group of finds... Thank you so much for the pictures... All of them... Great Navy pin too....You have made a great entrance to the group.... Good luck in your searches...Cheers, RickO

  • Thanks RickO

  • Forgot the dimes

  • There we go

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    That site has sure been productive.....amazing haul of coins and other artifacts. Cheers, RickO

  • Luckily I've only really touched about 3 acres of the area they call the back ninety. I'll spend the majority of next season expanding my search. Are most enthusiasts on here from the states?

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    Yes... as far as I know....Cheers, RickO

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    I don't know what you do or don't know about coins, especially dug ones. However, cleaning them is a big no no. I know they have dirt and crud and the tendency is to wipe the crud off with your thumb or finger but you should refrain from doing that. Soak and soak some more in good old water. Then do not brush or such. Water pics are great and gentle as well. Value can be destroyed by a cleaning the wrong way.
    You have found some wonderful coins and I envy you. I live in the desert and all I find is gold nuggets. Never a coin yet. But, bullets but no cannonballs.
    bob :)

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    You definitely have found a good spot. Maybe I should have used a capital D. B)

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    Welcome PaTH. I am in central Bucks co. on the Delaware river. The 1911 Pottstown Schuykill medal is nice. The hunt continues. Peace Roy

  • Hi Bob. To be completely honest this is a question that has burdened me since the beginning. I did some searching for information on this subject and ended up following the advice of a Garrett sponsored youtuber. I have struggled with both the results obtained and concerns over causing more damage. I am positive that there is a thread on here that can help me understand how to better preserve my finds. If one of you could kindly point me in the correct direction I would greatly appreciate it. On a side note, I am very excited to be on a site with so many like minded people who share and value similar interests and experiences. Thanks.

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    what a great group of finds! A Lib Cap coin is on many want lists

  • Today's finds. Had about half an hour to kill and had the gear in the vehicle. The bell is about the size of a baseball and not sure on the coin yet.

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    Very nice... I can see it is a large U.S. cent...give it a bath under hot running water...do not rub at all...Neat bell... that is really big. Cheers, RickO

  • Was able to identify the bell. It's a crotal bell from the mid to late 1700's with the makers mark found on the bottom. Made in England.
    Here are today's finds.

  • Could anyone help identify these two objects? The lead piece has stamped markings and I think the other piece could be a very large flat bottom. Thanks

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    Large cent is nice but in poor shape. The big flat round is a dandy button and the flat spot is where the shank was to attach. The other flap item looks like a seal for some type of commerce. Peace Roy

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    You sure are finding a lot of items some only dream of finding :smile:
    Thanks for the pics

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  • Finally had some time to get my hands dirty again before winter freezes me out.

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    Great finds :smile:

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    Very nice... was that 'folded' piece a button also?? Cheers, RickO

  • Seems to be a ornate flat button.

  • My treasure box is beginning to look like an actual treasure box 😁

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    Nice posts. Hopefully in the near future you’ll need a larger box.
    Best wishes.

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    Nice treasures and very nice box.... Is that an axe head to the right?? Cheers, RickO

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    Man, you are way too organized for me! I use dozens of wood cigar boxes and lidded plastic nut-screw compartment guys. Although I have sprung for some nicer glass display boxes for all the pewterware and jewelry. Peace Roy

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    @PaTreasureHunter , great finds, thanks for sharing. That large crotal bell was probably used on oxen instead of a horse. My understanding is the smaller ones were used for horses. They are tough to find intact, like yours. Nice B)

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    nice displays wtg :)

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    @PaTreasureHunter said:
    Yep, sorry about that. I get so messed up on dates. 1864 2 cent piece as seen above

    I think that may be the rare small motto 1864 2 cent piece! Nice finds..

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    Too busy with the holidays coming up. Gotta move a couple cords of wood, holiday lights, blahblahblah. Although still finding time to check coins for errors. Peace Roy

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    Great hunting grounds you have there! Excellent finds.

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