If a coin, lets say a MS 1932 quarter was dropped in the dirt

in 1932 and then found today how much wear to the coin would happen? Would it still grade high or does the dirt somehow rub it smooth?

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  • @Namvet69 said:
    Okay chemistry and physics class is now in session. Huge hypothetical here. How far did the coin drop to strike a surface? What were the environmental conditions at that moment? What kinds of chemicals where the coin exposed to. Was the coin submerged in soil or any other substances. For 90+ years, what was in contact with the obv and rev of the coin. Okay that's all for now. Peace Roy

    Yes, I figured it wouldn't be an easy answer, lots of variables involved. Basically, the weather here in S. TX has cooled down enough to dust off the AT Pro, but before going out I'm trying to position my hunts to put me in the best possible place to find a 32 quarter. Currently looking at 1932 Houston maps and figured that was a good place to start. Hence the question, how much wear does a coin receive after sitting in the dirt for long periods. When I look at a lot of coins for example on HA that have dark colored toning I assumed they were possibly submerged in water for years?

  • So, I will assume that some coins have been pulled and are still in excellent shape. Positive reinforcement to stay focused as I clean pull tabs from the local parks. Thanks!

  • @Namvet69 said:
    From what I have seen in detecting for 24+ years, nothing that I have dug out of the ground is in excellent condition except gold or platinum or stainless although even these metals exhibit scratches or damage. Peace Roy

    Gold it is then :)

  • @Namvet69
    Would be nice to have an old map indicating where the wishing well is located :)

  • Namvet69Namvet69 Posts: 2,408 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Find the location of the old stores, hardware, butcher, groceries, saloon, park gazebo, where the circus used to pitch their tents. I too am an AT Pro guy. Go gettum tiger. Peace Roy

  • @Namvet69
    Great ideas thanks, I will do that. I also like using google earth to pinpoint locations. Houston or Harris county goes back to 1944 but I live just north in Montgomery county and it only goes back to like 1984. This will be only the second season and maybe the 15th time I have used the AT Pro. Question: I have been using the pro coin setting and it seems to skip over other targets so then I have used pro zero but it doesn't seem to be as accurate. What do you recommend?

  • Hi folks. New here to the forums. This link should help a great deal. It uses the old Sanborn FIre Insurance maps. EXTREMELY detailed. There is a 1923 Conroe map on there.

    Here is the Texas site: https://legacy.lib.utexas.edu/maps/sanborn/texas.html

    Here is the the link their main database of old maps: https://www.loc.gov/collections/sanborn-maps

    They only cover some cities, though. Nothing way out in the sticks. I use these all the time when out exploring.

  • @trammell3

    Thanks soooo much! I will check those out later today. Lake Conroe Reservoir was built in the 60's and we used to use an old map to find under water structure for bass fishing, mostly roadways and ponds that were flooding after construction of the dam.

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    Good luck in your hunts.....even though the area is not as old (as you indicate), that does not mean that there was nothing there.....old farms, old stage stops etc...Check those old maps and go to the local library... amazing source of history for an area. Cheers, RickO

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