Would Like To Get A Metal Detector, Any Suggestions

Let me start out by saying this is my first post. I've always wanted to do metal detecting since I was a kid and never got around to it. Well I'm getting ready to retire and figure it would be a get time to start. First, I know nothing about medal detectors. What would be a good make and model of one to start out with. I'm not rich so I don't want to go broke buying one but I also don't want some cheap unit that's not going work well. I figured some of you experts here could point me in the right direction. If things work out right I could be out there by the first of the year (When I Retire) finding all those treasures. (Or even the odd silver coin here and there). I look forward to any suggestions. Thank you much.


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    PM sent

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    Ah, so many questions.
    Where do you live
    Where will you "hunt"
    If you live in Australia plan on spending 7K for a detector, plus accessories.
    If you live on a beach by the ocean plan on at least $1,500 to get up and running.
    If you live in town and want to search public parks for coins and rings plan on $500

    My advice is to search out the local shop that sells detectors. Ask questions. See if there is a detectors club nearby. Attend a few meetings to get a feel.

    bob :)

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  • Thanks for your advice. I guess there no "One Detector Fits All". I have a lot to learn. Well, you have to start somewhere and this site seems like a great beginning. I look forward to leaning from you all.

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    Questions to ponder:
    Detecting is physically demanding, do you like to bend, kneel, dig, get up and do that repeatedly and stand for long periods of time? if not try another hobby.
    Do you like to be outside in all sorts of weather, walk in the woods, in grass, around bushes and trees, fields, beaches,apply sunscreen, bugspray, get dirty, sweat? If not try another hobby.

    Where do you live will influence where you will detect. Soil types vary, beaches are generally sandy and highly mineralized causing more interference in some machines. Do you plan to dig for all metal objects, jewelry, only coins, gold nuggets?. All detectors are not waterproof. All detectors manufacturers hype their products

    I had a Whites xlt for 25+ years, found lots of goodies everywhere but it was around 900 then. I accidentally destroyed it.

    I bought a new Garrett AT Pro 3 years ago for 500. Tech has come along way, better machine, waterproof, love it.Peace

    There are a certain amount of accoutrements you need to also buy. Shovel, trowel, pinpointer, belt rig with pouches, knee pads, sand scoop. Peace Roy

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    Congrats on your upcoming retirement @Optex and

    I retired last spring and have been loving my Garret AT Pro and pointer
    Not cheap
    Not expensive
    No silver yet

  • Thanks everyone. A lot of things to ponder. But I still want to do it.

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    @Optex ...Welcome aboard....You are about to embark on a very interesting hobby. I have always purchased White's detectors. They are quality products and have fantastic customer service. Keep asking questions here... Cheers, RickO

  • I had the same vision of metal detecting and bought a White detector a decade ago. On first outing, I had to dig dirty dirt ( I’m a girl) and try and stay away from bugs and anything that crawled. My expectations were a lot higher, but if you are a guy you probably don’t mind dirt and bugs. Js

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    @jmurduca said:

    You could do like I do, take a partner that will dig all the holes for you. We both attach with headsets but when we get a signal, she digs and I watch. She loves pulling those trinkets out of the ground! Works great and my nails stay clean.

    bob :)

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    Did you buy one yet?
    If not, check out White Electronics.

    Great stuff


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