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I was wondering if anyone has any idea how many points you lose in grading for a wax stain on the back of a card. I recently acquired a very nice 1959 Fleer Ted Williams #68 "Ted Signs For 1959." It has a small to medium wax stain on the back. Otherwise beautiful. Four sharp corners, 50/50 top/bottom, 65/35 left/right, perfect color, no creases, no print defects, surface has no defects. After 25 years, my set is now complete and I need to get it graded. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    The card should get a numerical grade with a (ST) qualifier, so if the card is otherwise a PSA 9 without the stain, a 9 (ST). For registry purposes, it's a two grade drop equivalent to a 7.

    ETA: It's impossible to get a qualifier on a PSA 10, so a 9 is the best you can hope for.

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    Thank you very much for your quick response. That helps a lot, and makes sense. I have never sent a card for grading even though I have been collecting for nearly 45 years. This card appears, after comparison to others from the set that I purchased graded, to be a strong 8 maybe a 9. I was thinking that a two point drop would be about right. I purchased it from someone who said these were literally opened then put in a shoebox. He sold the others as a near complete set. I will post a picture of it later today. Thanks again.

  • Upon reading the grading standards I noticed 9 allows for a slight wax stain without a qualifier. I wonder what the idea of slight is, and has anyone ever got a 9 with wax, without a qualifier.

  • Sorry about the upside down picture.

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    I would rate that higher than slight ;) I personally haven't sent in any cards with wax stains, so don't know of any 9s with them. If they're on the front/glossy side of a card, I know they can be removed (pantyhose normally recommended). This one looks to be 'soaked' into the cardboard, so doubt there's much that can be done.

    FWIW, I'm measuring R/L at 32/68, but it's difficult to gauge without a flat scan. I would guess an 8(ST) is the likely grade.

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