1898 NewFoundland 50c - What do you guys think?

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In a segs holder. Larry Briggs? I am not yet able to identify the 3 varietys for this. Small "W" or large "W" obverse 1,2,3. There also seems to be maybe some die gouge of the sort going on. Any of you familiar with these?


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    Will be listed on BST forum when I am able to figure out exactly whats going on btw if anyone has interest

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    Cool !!! B)

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    I'm away from my books. Aside from the obverse bust #, I see nothing unusual on your coin. Repunched letters are common on coins from the "north." It looks more like a die break w/die chips to me. As I recall, (I've seen the variety before but I'm not a Canadian expert) the "Large W" was something I needed a comparison piece for. You should be able to find something on the WWW. You may have one. In which case, the doubled letters and chips will be a diagnostic for each of us to use for future determinations.

    Depending on the coins value "in grade," it looks like VF-20 is a fair commercial grade by US standards.
    I prefer Fine-18 if there were such a thing.

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    Your coin is the following
    SW (small W) if it were a LW there would be a considerable distance between the letters E+F
    E W F. Yours is EWF.
    You have a Obv 2 portrait.
    There are 4 leaves on top of the laurel crown.
    OBV1 has the top most leaf portruding between the letters E+I in DEI.
    OBV 2 has NO letter portuding into between E+I
    Everything else is not much relevant IMO.
    the doubling may be interesting for a variety collector but carries no bonus , or if it does, it is very little IMO.
    There were 79607 minted.
    The Charlton designation for your coin is NH2 SW
    IMO , the VF 20 is ok.
    todays full retail price is approximately 45-50 $ US.
    Good luck with it.

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life
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    Thank you both for the info on the coin, I suspected the doubling to be somewhat common. As for the small or large "w" I appreceaite the diagnosis. I may try to dibble dabble in coins such as these. I am way behind on grabbing a book!

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    Even though there were only about 80,000 minted, there probably aren't 100 active collectors in Newfie coins, especially 50 cents. Most collect the cents and large cents. The price that YQQ suggested is Cdn dollars at full retail .. to sell, about 1/2 of that

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    there are way to few Newfoundland collectors out there, :'(
    "one rainy day, very soon, we will all wake up and you American collectors will have discovered Newfoundland currency and coins. And all NFL coins will be doubled and tripled in price. it is coming soon, very soon. Most above EF will have multiplied more in price.
    just look at the coins issued numbers and compare these numbers with US numbers issued.
    Already now it is extremely hard to get a NFL coin above VF30 to a decent price. :'( :'(
    AND, NFL has some very interesting Gold coins.... however, the good ones are very rare!!

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life
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