How much would you pay...if anything?

If you were offered a coin that you needed for your registry set, how much would you offer to pay for a coin that you judged overgraded by about a point? For the sake of argument, let's assume the coin has a value of $2000 if the grade matched the holder, and $1000 if graded correctly. The coin is attractive, just overgraded in your opinion. CAC has reviewed the coin and declined to sticker.

Or would you just pass?


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    Pass. You could offer $1000, but that would be insulting and anger the seller. If you can get a good photo of it, do a gtg on the US coins forum and see how others grade it.

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    I'd likely pass, as I wouldn't pay more than $1,000 for it and, if I really liked it maybe $1,500. But I probably wouldn't like it, though, as it is ovegraded. I tend to pay up for coins that are undergraded not the other way around.

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    The coin in question was an auction lot at Heritage last night. Appears the bidders voted pass as well; the coin did not meet reserve.

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    offer the right price then the regrade & sticker is on you. I guess if your waiting ten years vs two makes a difference as well. If you want to close out the set no harm in making an offer.

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    You pass, you'll only lose money when sale time comes

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    It would depend on population, what I had in the spot now, and what I thought the chances are I could get a similar one in next 3 years.

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