Giveaway.........Winner in first post!

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SumrTym is the winner, please send me your info so I can ship out.
Item is a real 1889 P/CC Morgan Dollar, PCGS counterfeit (added mintmark).
Real silver and that was a fun giveaway!

bob :)

Everyone that enters gets one entry. If you guess the correct year of the coin you get two. If you guess the correct mint you get another entry. If you guess the correct denomination you get another entry.

So: one entry for just saying you're in.
One add'l entry for correct year of coin
One add'l entry for correct mint location
One add'l entry for correct denomination

So, if you said perhaps 1948p cent and were correct you will have 4 entries for the drawing. Get it?
I reserve the right to start over if I messed up....
Open to all.
Drawing next Sunday evening or if entries dry up along the

You will likely be surprised what shows up.....

Oh, and it's a US coin, not foreign or made for a foreign gov't.

One guess per person.....only one! So, go ahead and guess what is sitting on my desk for past 6 months with nowhere to go!!

Only clue is that it is silver not gold or copper.

good luck,
bob :)

BST deals: Dozens of buys/sells. Will provide a list upon request.
Registry: CC lowballs (boblindstrom), [email protected]


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