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Hit a couple milestones at silver beach today, and I think my most ridiculous ring ever...

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Was planning on detecting all day at silver beach. Woke up an hour and a half late, plus had a stinky low tide time. Got there about a half hour before low tide so I felt a bit rushed. First silver was a 1947 Washington followed a few minutes later by a dateless SLQ. Then hit a 1953 Roosevelt. Wandering around that area got a high tone on the surface, looked down and saw a gold rim. Thought it was just a bottle cap but upon picking it up, realized it was a ring. Wasn't sure what to make of it... one side had a gold-tone, other maybe silver with two spinner rings in the middle?? Thought it was just junk but it rang in so high, then I could see the inside of the band where it has cutouts. If it was just junk, it wouldn't have had that. Put it away and kept going. Got a couple more mercs and a sterling pendant after.

It was way hotter than forecasted, and the 17" coil was tiring out my arm, so after about 4.5 hours I called it a day.

The milestones hit today were wheat #800 from this beach along with silver #500 (it was a merc, I think 1937). The total is now 396 silver coins and 105 silver jewelry. Will have to go back and get that coin count up to 400.

Inching up to 1,000 silver coins since 2009 (found at all places). Now 6 away. I'm thinking I should try finding 2 silver coins elsewhere, then go back to silver beach and have #1,000 also be #400 at silver beach. That'd be kind of neat to line those two up like that.

Got home and looked for marks on this oddball ring. Didn't see anything at first, but then saw 14k... ok, I guess that gold part must be some kind of gold sheet (it's not solid gold all the way through). Figure if there's a 14k mark, there must also be a "925". Sure enough, there it was. Weight is 11.4 grams. No telling how much the gold weighs... maybe .1 or .2 grams. Would you guys call it gold? Or simply a silver ring that has a barely measurable amount of gold?

Also got two buffalo nickels 1934-D and 1919-D.


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