Hi all I have something here that maybe some one can give me some info on Vietnam.

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I pick up some Vietnam notes but was given too other pieces as well he said some thing like they dropped them over Vietnam to try to get some of them to give up and would give them $5.00 as well like a free pass. But I know nothing about it can any one help.

This is what I bought.

This is what I'm talking about that came with the notes.

Thank you for any info~ Type2.

Hoard the keys.


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    Safe Conduct pass - propaganda leaflets.

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    You bet it does thank you for your service. Did you guys see any of the leaflets like the ones I posted?

    Hoard the keys.
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    Did my time. Nov.70-Dec.71 11B10
    We knew them as chu-hoi notes. Not sure if spelling is correct. I never did see any while out in the jungle though.


    Dad 1916-2014
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    Uncle Sam printed all sorts of psyops literature to get Charlie to come in. We paid money for weapons, intel, and lots of other things. The U.S. basically rented the country, bribed the politicians and caused a lot of death and destruction. I had my ass in the grass 69-72. Peace Roy

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    Thank you guys for your services !!! :)

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