Silver Beach hunt: 19 silvers!

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Decided to spend most of my time in the dry sand. That means mostly cherry picking the high tones and bypassing the hundreds of low tones. Probably gold there, but there are so many pull tabs, not sure it'd worth it. It was amazing how deep some of these coins were. One coin measured in at somewhere around 14 inches. After a day of digging deep signals, it really wears you down.

Ended with 15 silver dimes, 2 wartime nickels, 1 silver washington, 1 sterling pendant. Also got 43 wheat cents, some junk pendants, and some kind of spinning top.

Brings me to 79 silver coins for the year, which was my total for all of 2017. Any ideas of the person riding a horse in front of the wheel? Looks to be maybe pewter.

Also got a Waltham 1¢ Food Stamp token!

The low tide area was slow target-wise with very few low tones. Hopefully will get some gold next time.


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    Simply amazing... Why there is so much silver on this beach is a mystery to me.... must have been a popular place for many, many years. Great silver day... Cheers, RickO

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    That’s my guess. Not really used as a current beach so keeps a lot of the new clad out of the way. I don’t think I ever answered you before about how big it is. Guessing I’d say maybe about 1000 feet long and the low tide area might be 35 feet tall or so and the dry sand is anywhere from 35 or so feet to 50 or so feet depending on the spot. So it’s nice that everyone is stuck in a very small space. I really wish it wasn’t so muddy in the water or I’d wade a bit.

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    Great report!

    Love that bucking horse.

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    @pcgs69 ... Thanks for the beach description.... That muddy water may be concealing some fantastic finds....I know it can be miserable to search, but with what you find on the rest of the beach, I would think that the 'treasure troughs' may hold some real pockets of great finds. Good luck...Cheers, RickO

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    Here's a thought. At high tide can you float on your stomach and search instead of tromping through the mud?

    bob :)

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    Where is the beach? o:)

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    Wow, great find !!! :)

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    I'm amazed !!

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    amazing, it has been MANY years since I had a silver day like that


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    When you hunt this beach do you go over the same part time and again? Different days different grid? I'm Assuming it also may be a large area and the wave action will move more "stuff "

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    @pocketpiececommems said:
    When you hunt this beach do you go over the same part time and again? Different days different grid? I'm Assuming it also may be a large area and the wave action will move more "stuff "

    I try to alternate between places on this beach, but I've been over the same exact spots 20 probably times each. It's finally at the point where most of the signals are just a little chirp, or break in the threshold. There really aren't any waves at this place, but it does seem like the objects shift from time to time. The low tide area has slowed down considerably recently, which is the hardest hit, so I've been focusing a bit more on the sand that's higher up.

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    I still think that a water search... at the first furrow, would prove highly productive at that beach. Cheers, RickO

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    Do you have a running grand total of what you have found at your silver beach?

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