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CGC "qualified" grade

Saw this the other day and thought it was interesting. CGC is slabbing altered cards with a numerical grade, but stating what the alteration was and calling it a "qualified grade." They do the same thing in comics, and PCGS does something similar with coins, for example "cleaned - AU details." I think there is definitely a place for this in the card market. All those authentic altered Mantles out there, wouldn't it be better to grade them as say Qualified 6 - Trimmed, or Qualified 3 - Recolored?


No such details will spoil my plans...


  • As a long time CGC comics collector I can tell you that the qualified grade usually represents a comic that has something missing from the book. For example I have graded books that have trading cards that are missing and I also have books with tattoo inserts missing. They clearly state what is missing and assign the green “qualified “ label.
    For books that are trimmed or altered to present better they will assign a purple label. This indicates restoration. Restoration has various levels. Both these labels afford a buyer clear information on what they are buying.
    This may be good for cards although I am new to card grading and I am still trying to find my way.
    FYI- The only way to have a signature verified is to have the person actually sign in front of a CGC rep. This gets a yellow label.
    If not they will not authenticate the sig.

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