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1975 Topps Baseball PSA

I am new to this but thought this forum would be a good way to try and meet others trying to build and complete a PSA sets from 1975. I am open to trade or buy PSA 8.0 or better cards from both the 1975 topps and 1975 Topps mini sets. No qualifiers. I am about 75% done with the Topps Regular set and almost 40% for the mini set.

I attached pictures that show some of the extra PSA cards I have available to trade - and I have more than the picture shows. I will also post what I need in the coming week or two.

Ty - Damian



  • Here are the numbers I need. I thought I was getting close but after typing all these numbers out I feel like this set will never be completed!!

    15,16,17,22,23,26,27,33,41,45,47,48,54,56,65,71,74,75,76, 85,86,87,88,93,99

    101,104,106,111,115, 120,126,128,132,133,134,144,161,164,168,169,170,172,178,192

    209,219,225,226,233,235,236,241,244,246,251,253,255,263,268,269,270,275,277,284,290,291, 299

    301,302,308, 309,310,315,326,331,336,337,339, 340,345,353,356,358,360,361,368,378,380,386,389,390,396




  • JRR300JRR300 Posts: 1,119 ✭✭✭✭

    nice cards. If you think this set is bad, take a look at the 72 set with 787 cards!

  • I have a mini #641 Jim Northrup in PSA 9 I'm selling.

  • fiveninerfiveniner Posts: 4,017 ✭✭✭

    I recently finished a1975 Topps mini.What a project.

  • Here is a list of the PSA graded cards I have available for trade. Regular size - email me if there is any interest:
    Regulars -
    PSA 7 NM - #602 and #620 - Gary Carter RC
    PSA 8 NM-MT - #'s 7,18,30,42,49,58,66,84,89,114, 141,166,175,202, 207 (PSA 8.5) 227,231,249, 260 Bench 267,271, 272,279,293,320 Rose 323,338,370 Seaver 392,415, 432,450 McCovey 454, 474,491,501,522, 546,565,571578,593,599,608,614,617, 622,623 Keith Hernandez

    FYI - I provided the list of cards I need up above in this post

  • schapkoschapko Posts: 341 ✭✭

    PM Sent

    Buying 75 Topps Reg. Size PSA 9
    1975 Topps Registry Set "Scott's 75 Topps Set"
  • A big thanks To Scott (schapko) who proved this trading post can work. He reached out and sold me 4 of the cards I needed - less than 48 hour shipping.

  • I saw your needed and for-sale-lists.
    I do not have any you need but saw
    a few I need>>>

    249, 271, 392 & 415

    give an email or otherwise if interested in selling etc.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    [email protected]

  • Sounds good Groovy - I will check and make sure I still have them and email you

  • Here is the updated list of the PSA graded cards I have available for trade. Regular size - email me if there is any interest:
    Regulars -
    PSA 7 NM - #602 and #620 - Gary Carter RC
    PSA 8 NM-MT - #'s 7,18,30,42,49,58,66,84,89, 98, 114, 138 (Grade 9), 141,166,175, 179, 202, 207 (PSA 8.5) 227,231, 260 Bench 267, 272,279,293,320 Rose 323,338,370 Seaver, 432,450 McCovey 454, 474,491,501,522, 546,565,571, 578,593,599,608,614,617, 623 Keith Hernandez

  • For those of you also trying to complete your 1975 PSA set - I am putting approx half of the set on Ebay next week individually. All are no qualifiers PSA 8. I will send out a note once it goes live.

    Updated Cards I need are:

    15, 17, 23, 27, 33, 41, 45, 56, 65, 71, 74, 85, 111, 126, 132, 133, 161, 170, 172, 225, 226, 235, 236,
    331, 345, 400, 402, 410, 470, 532, 562, 621

  • Happy Friday Yall,
    Update - I have my extra 1975 topps baseball cards now on Ebay - all PSA 8 with No Qualifiers. 216 different ones for those of you trying to scrape together the set. This includes Pete Rose, Lou Brock, Tom Seaver, Willie McCovey and some other difficult to find cards. You have a full week to review them all - the auction ends next weekend on Nov 21st and 22nd.

  • Last call - 216 cards on Ebay - 1975 topps baseball regulars - all PSA 8 with No Qualifiers. Half of them end today in 2 hours and the other half end tomorrow mid-day. Good luck and happy bidding.

  • Here is the latest list of cards I need to complete my 1975 regular PSA graded Set - let me know if anyone has any of these and are willing to trade or buy: (NQ and 8.0 or better)
    15, 23, 27, 65, 85, 126, 236, 331, 400, 402
    I have approx 35 extras I will be selling on Ebay in about a week - I will update this board when I get them on Ebay.

  • fiveninerfiveniner Posts: 4,017 ✭✭✭

    Considering to sell a 1975 Topps mini set Mr Wonderful. Full PSA graded 7.5.
    Willing to listen to offers through PM or Email or Email only.

  • Hi Tony - thanks - I will check it out and message you if I have interest.

  • I just listed fifty different 1975 Topps PSA 8.0 cards on Ebay - all starting at 5.00 and NQ. A couple of them are 8.5 grade. Check them out and see if any would help you build your set..
    My Set is now registered under the name Beef & Cheese - I now only need these 8 cards! #'s 15, 23, 27, 65, 85, 126, 236, 400, 402.

  • bobbybakerivbobbybakeriv Posts: 1,684 ✭✭✭

    Received my Platinum CC Membership sub back today, 15 1975 Topps #320 - Pete Rose.

    Overall, a disappointment to me. :/ This was my first submission to PSA since 2014. Maybe being too optimistic, I felt that I had a few 9s and a dozen 8s when I did my own review (and even felt I had an outside shot at a 10 on a couple of these). B) Now I do realize PSA's standards have grown seemingly tougher as of late, but I've looked them over today and I honestly can't see any difference between the lone PSA 9 and several of the 8s. Same goes for two of the PSA 7s as compared to the 8s. One did deserve a 7 upon a second look. Also, I did find a small surface wrinkle on the PSA 5 that I initially missed. I need to go over the altered stock card more closely as I can't find a thing with the naked eye. I realize '75 Topps is a tough issue but these are the better copies out of the hundred or more raw that I own. I have six more very nice copies of this very card and three minis of the same in grading right now. Maybe I will do better this next time around?

    Finally, I am curious how there could not be a single half-grade for any of these? The centering and corners on all 15 are very nice. I'll post some scans if anyone wishes to see a particular card. I just purchased a scanner and will be setting it up this week. Could the disappointing grades (overall) be in some way related to the fact that I estimated my determined value using raw pricing and did not base it upon expected grade? That is, I sometimes wonder if this subconsciously affects the final grade? I don't know that the grader is even aware of the declared value though. Like I said, I haven't subbed in a while and this mistake regarding declared value is on me.

    Good luck with 75s Gents! They are tough. Bobby

    P.S. I will be cracking and resubbing some of these in the future. I've personally had success doing this many times.
    FYI - Lines 3 & 4 were SGC 8.5 crackouts. Line 3 was the new SGC grading scheme (i.e, 8.5) and line 4 (the old, i.e., 92) for any of you interested in crossover results.

    Line # Description Grade
    1 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose N6: MIN SIZE REQUIREMENT
    2 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose EXCELLENT 5
    3 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose EXCELLENT-MINT 6
    4 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose NEAR MINT-MINT 8
    5 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose NEAR MINT-MINT 8
    6 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose NEAR MINT 7
    7 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose NEAR MINT-MINT 8
    8 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose NEAR MINT 7
    9 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose N5: ALTERED STOCK
    10 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose MINT 9
    11 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose NEAR MINT-MINT 8
    12 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose NEAR MINT-MINT 8
    13 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose NEAR MINT-MINT 8
    14 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose EXCELLENT-MINT 6
    15 1975 Topps 320 Pete Rose NEAR MINT 7

  • PSA is getting tough - I sent them a 1975 Pete Rose SCG 96 and my fingers are crossed I will get a PSA 9 back!!! Will keep yall posted

  • Anyone out there got a Don Gullett #65 they will sell? I need grade PSA 8 or better.

    Also - I have over 200 1975 PSA 8 Minis I would trade for other minis I need to complete the set - let me know if anyone has interest. I plan on putting them on Ebay mid next week.

  • KendallCatKendallCat Posts: 2,609 ✭✭✭✭✭

    PM sent. Thank you.


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