New Coins~ 1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS62 ~ CBH's~Large Cent "Bargain Box" 90% silver halves(new)

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Please read descriptions and prices above each item pictured.
Postal money orders are preferred for all except for the first coin below

First coin up is a 1918/7-D Buffalo in PCGS MS62 with a lamination mint made error on the obverse...this one is really kind of out of place compared to the rest of my offerings, but I'm asking $24,000 and I also highly encourage trade offers. A "regular" MS62 is always worth over 40 grand. I am motivated...let's talk!
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1837 bust half, PCI MS62. You're right to be suspicious of a PCI holder, but truthfully I just haven't had a chance to get it crossed. It looks like an original attractive high AU to low MS to me. Will ask $950 obo. Please note the holder is cracked on the obverse.

1798 large cent, 1st hairstyle (the better one) $120

1854 large cent, PCGS OGH MS63 RB. Nice coin, with a prominent dark spot on the reverse. $390

4 bust halves, $200

$40 in face value of mixed 90% silver halves taken from this lot, $500

$12.70 in face value of better type 90% silver, $175

A dealer's "bargain box" which may contain around 150-200 coins or rounds. No guarantees here, but there is silver and lots of larger denomination coins like halves and dollars. There are also a bunch of gold plated Kennedy halves and Buffalo's. There are some foreign coins, but not many at all. $300.


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