1966 Lincoln Cent ~ Heavy Penny

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I was weighing pennies found in my coin rolls when I came across this heavy dude on the left. I compared it to a 'normal' 1966 penny weighing 3.1g. Both pennies look the same front and back, although the side view only shows a slight increase in thickness. The weight of the one on the left fluctuates between 3.4 and 3.5 grams. Any idea what this is? I think it is over the tolerance limit. I did try a magnet on it and it isn't steel....


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    My first question is what are you doing weighing 1966 Lincoln cents? :) This coin must really look thick! It is over the tolerance as an extreme max should be around 3.3 which is over the allowed tolerance (3.23) already.

    Now anything is possible such as a thick or thin strip which will change the weight of the finished planchet. My copy of Foreign Coins Struck at the Mint only goes up to 1965 so that is no help. Perhaps one of the error folks can help because there should be more examples around.

  • I get rolls of coins and it is just easier to weigh all my coins coming in. This pile goes to Lincoln - Zinc and this pile goes to Lincoln Copper, and this one goes to.... ?? :o :)

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    Some valuable wrong planchets have been found in the '82's. Good Luck.

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    :) !!!

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    Howdy, The past few days I have been sorting through a bunch of pennies from 1959-1969 that I have saved over the past 30 years or so.
    I too just discovered a 1966 penny that is weighing in at 3.5 grams! I have a total of 129, 1966 cents and they all weigh in between 3.0 & 3.2 grams, except for this guy! Definitely thicker than all the rest, and in very good condition.

    imagephoto 1966f heavy 3-5_zpszfk2jmwa.jpg" alt="" title="" />

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