Small Size Legal Tender Note 1966 $100

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I'm a coin collector but like many, I have accumulated or inherited some currency.
I find it fascinating but I'm really quite uneducated about this discipline.
I do have a 2004 edition of "Paper Money of the United States" - Friedberg.

This is one of my better notes, I think. Probably because of the denomination.
Going by my book, I'd grade this a high end VF.
It is quite bright with plenty of crispness however it does have two pin holes near the top left.

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    Nice !!! :)

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    Welcome to the currency board!

    In my view, with two pin holes NEVER get it graded. It will come back apparent or net and the value of it will be impacted. The 1966, of the three red seal $100s (the other two being 1966A and 1966*) is the most common, but very collectable. I'm not sure of value of your note as I've not been buying for a couple years. Search eBay's completed list for comparable notes.

    Some may tell you to check the Heritage Archive, but I would do eBay as this note is fairly common.

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    cool, i never see them any more.

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