$1000 bills Value please

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The cousin of one of the teachers at the school I teach at is a bank teller. She recently had (2) $1000 bills in her drawer. She was smart enough to buy the notes from the bank but she doesn't really know the value of the notes. I don't have images yet, but she said there are no holes or folds. Assuming the notes are in 'average' condition, what's a ball park figure value for each note. I believe she said the notes have a date from the 1930s. TIA

edited: should the notes get graded? If so, by whom.

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    Value and if they're worth grading depends on condition, series of issue, and ferderal reserve bank district. A minimum value starting point is $1,600. Once you post pictures, fellows board members can chime in on a more accurate valuation.

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    Circulated currency normally won't have any holes but will have some folds. In problem free fine, very fine or extremely fine notes probably sell around $1500-$2000.

    Heritage archives will give you an even more accurate figure. Since many $1000s are sold there is well-documented price realized information there. I'm presuming, as a coin guy, that you are familiar with this source and it's a good one for a valuation on an item like this.

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    :) !!!

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    Congratulations on a smart save!

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    I looked at several at the CSNS and in low grade, raw and graded, $1900-$2300. No deals to be given. From what condition you describe I would say you have a $1700-$2000 retail bill. If no folds ,stains or tears they would be worth sending in to PCGS or PMG. I know a guy that got a call from a teller that stated she had five $1000 bills. He went and bought them and sold each one for $2000. How nice is that? Lot of Chicago $1000’s out there.

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    $1000 bills in a bank drawer!? How unlikely is that!

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    Is kind of odd these days what and where some of this old currency comes from and goes to the bank? I'm still trying to connect with a teller that bought (at face value) near $600 worth of 20's from 28 and 34. He said an old woman brought them in and cashed them for a money order. I guess it still can and does happen, right?

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    It’s surprising what people turn in at banks. Some people don’t want to hassle with the intrinsic or numismatic value. They just want face value.

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    Makes me want to get a part time gig at a bank... almost.

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