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I spend most of the time over on the coin boards and while I was going through my limited and somewhat motley collection of notes I observed the following deviations from my standard expectations. Now I realize I do not have anything ultra rare here (although any high dollar offers will be entertained) but just looking for some more info and if I need to 'just spend them'.

First up is a 1957 blue back silver certificate that I pulled from a stack I was tired of storing and listed on eBay. This well circulated note has a different color printing on the reverse. The note on top below is a standard silver cert. Not sure how this could have gotten like this...any ideas?

Next up are some notes that are misprints of sorts...the font on The United States of America is not fully inked. Not sure how this was missed by the inspectors as I certainly saw the issue when I got these from the bank back in the 80's. They have yellowed somewhat which is surprising as they have been stored inside over the years.

Anyway, just looking for some insight on these to satisfy the hole in my currency knowledge. Thanks for your time!


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    I'm no error expert but I have seen enough of these to reply.The discoloring on the 57 silver is environmental damage and was not done at the BEP so nothing there-no error or extra value.The other group is,in fact,an under-inking issue most likely was done at the BEP and thus is an error and should have some value,to the right buyer,over face....but not a lot as this is a fairly common event and not necessarily a valuable error.As a general rule,the more visually stunning and/or the more difficult/rare an error is determines value.Hope I was helpful.

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    Thanks! I did suspect some sort of post printing issue with the blue back, good to have it confirmed along with the under inking. I'll send them off to eBay and see what shakes out...as mentioned my currency collection is nothing special and these I have not even had in my currency binder, just in plastic sleeves in the safe. :)


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    :) !!!

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    You found 3 consecutive 1985 notes in circulation?
    Amazing, great score, congratulations - Numbersman nailed the post, exactly what I think too

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