Porcelain Notgeld Weimar Republic Coins

Just picked these up today. Not very familiar with such coins but they are very nice and interesting. I guess you get porcelain coins when you have run away inflation. Is there a collector base for such coins?

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    Since there's no denomination, can I assume that these are actually medals? My understanding is that the porcelain pieces - whether carrying a denomination or not - didn't circulate but generally were sold to collectors as fund raisers. In any case very nice examples that used to have a reasonable following; can't speak to how popular they are at present.

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    Interesting items but also a good example of an area in which I have absolutely no feel for the market. Is there a collector base for these in Germany?

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    Cool !!! B)

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    All of the pieces shown are technically Porcelain medals, not Notgeld, of the Weimar period. However, there is a huge overlap in the collectors of these and the collectors of Notgeld. There is a good market for these, but most of the pieces shown are not particularly scarce types. For instance, the 1922 piece with the woman with outstretched arms among crosses is a type honoring the German war dead of WWI. This type will usually sell for between $10-$15,

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    Thanks for information. Very helpful.

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    The only ones made nominally to circulate were in Saxony - but they quickly lost value and never really circulated.

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    There are actually many other porcelain pieces nominally made to circulate (Freiburg, Altenberg, Boldixum, ect.), but like the Saxony pieces, actual circulation was limited or non existent

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    Aren't pieces with engraved #'s like the one with 14902 some sort of lottery token?


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    I’ve always wondered why I have never seen circulated examples.

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    They are nice, I have a few, but not all ceramic pieces were notgeld. As was mentioned, some were lottery "tickets", presumably for some sort of fundraiser.

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