Random Countries how far back date wise can one go?

Using countries/coins if your choosing, how from back year wise can one go back in time?

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    Using European coins one can easily and rather inexpensively
    go back to the year 1503 AD. Between the years 1402 thru the
    year 1502 approximately 80-85% of the years are known, many
    are extremely rare, <3 known. These coins will come with modern
    numbers that we now use, but mostly Roman numerals will be
    encountered. The years 1374 and 1375 along with the years
    1390-1394 are known and are extremely rare.
    The next year going back in time will be 1234 from
    Roskilde, Denmark. 7 known only 1 available to collectors,
    value 30K. The next year going back is the year 1204 from Toledo,
    Spain. They used a different calendar from the one used today.
    The next group would be the Byzantine era coins. They used
    Roman numerals and dated coins using the current rulers time
    in power. For example III would mean the third year of rule.
    Here again different calendar used so the year would be listed
    for example: 539/540. Roman provincial and Greek coins also
    date some coins this way but using either letters of the alphabet
    or the Greek alphabet. Islamic coins started with dates in the late
    600 AD. The date is usually around the perimeter of the coin using
    Arabic numbers. Oriental coins also have many early dates but
    that discussion will be left to someone more knowledgeable
    than I.
    I hope this answers some of your question. Hungary for one, can
    be collected starting with the year 1503 AD. Many of the denars
    are available for $10-$25 each.
    If there are any questions don't hesitate to ask me.

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    Not sure why the "heart" is there. Should read "<3" known.

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    Using the < and the 3 makes shorthand for a heart. Sort of like a colon and closing parenthesis.
    < 3 <3
    ) :)

    and apparently the colon does some weirdo thing making the whole dang post bold. This is NOT how it looks when I typed it.

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    back 500 years. that would be a really cool collection to put together.

    Farther back then i figured. An interesting set to investigate.

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    I was thinking actually I would use all kinds of different countries if at all possible, but try and keep one of each design. So a Lincoln wheat penny could be in the set once (or twice with the steel penny).

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    A post 1500 AD collection would really be interesting.
    Mix in some gold and silver for variety.

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    Hmm. A One From Every Year (OFEY) instead of One From Every Country (OFEC). Cool idea!

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    I have a few gold pieces which could be in the set.

    1813 French Napoleon 20 francs for example.

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    @Stork said:
    Hmm. A One From Every Year (OFEY) instead of One From Every Country (OFEC). Cool idea!

    I was thinking the same thing when the idea popped into my mind.

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    These I believe date in the 1400’s and are made of gold.

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    I was actually working on a year set when I was collecting heavily until 2013. I have from the 1880s to current with no years missed, but before that is spotty at best...with my limited budget getting anything pre 1860s was a rare treat. And what I did get was usually pretty low grade. Sure was fun though. I will have to see if I can locate my chart and maybe start adding to it again now that I'm back in the hobby. My only real parameters were that I could pin down a specific year, and not holed. A year being included in the design was preferred over one that was a one year type with no year on it, but with my budget, I wasn't able to be too picky. ($20 for one item was pretty much it)

    Even if I can't find my old chart, I have the source info so I could create a new one...maybe I will do that tomorrow...you've inspired me!

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    I am thinking $20 a coin could take you pretty far back into the 1800's at least. Something i want to explore a bit more when i have some time to do some research.

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    I started at 1600 but could easily see it going back further. Getting MS PCGS coins from before 1800 gets pretty pricey.


    The collection has taken a few turns since I started. I have many other dates, but it has morphed into a quasi-crown only collection. The other coins were removed, but could easily go back in if the wind blows in a different direction.

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    I don't think I would try it as mint state coins as a requirement.

    Getting older I think mint state would be unsustainable price wise.

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    If one is prepared to include coins that are dated using non-AD calendars, then it's entirely possible to do a run of coins dated all the way back to ancient times. The Europeans were very slow off the mark when it came to using the concept of putting dates on coins. You've got the Islamic series that go back to the 700s AD, then the early Byzantine and Persian series, then Greek city-states; it should theoretically be possible to go back to 1 AD, and even a few decades beyond; it only becomes theoretically impossible once you hit around 150 BC.

    As for practicality: purely by accident, I have in my own coin collection a "complete date run" going back to 1771, and that's without really trying.

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    There are coins from the Southern Song dynasty with specific years back to the late 1100s, if memory serves. There are coins with regnal titles that go back farther than that.

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