1991 Marvel - any interest?

So looking through this forum made me remember some sets of cards I had from years ago just stacked away in a box. I know there are a few sets of the 1991 marvel series 1, probably a set or 2 of the series 2, and a set or 2 of marvel masterpiece. There might be a random fantasy set in there and a amazing spiderman 30th anny or something like that.

I know the inserts for those sets used to be there too but not sure if they would still be there.

I was wondering if there was any interest in those things before I go dig them out. Certainly, nothing is graded, they are sitting in the same little boxes that they were put in back in 1991.


  • Those are coming around. Still affordable but singles sell for $1 to $2 to $3. Graded go higher obviously but hard sells from what I can see online for PSA versions. They will eventually climb.

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    I'll dig out what I have

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    So what did you find?

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    Sorry - I completely forgot about this post.

    I found 4 or 5 sets of 1991 Series 1 Marvel Universe Cards - 1 with the holograms.

    2 sets of series 2 marvel universe - 1 with holograms.

    2 sets of 1992 marvel masterpiece - 1 full set of special inserts - 2 autographed cards

    2 sets of 30th anniversary spiderman (have to check to see if they have special inserts)

    1 set of 1994 fleer ultra x-men with special inserts I think

    1 set or a random fantasy card set - I'll have to grab them and figure out exactly what they are/were

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