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Fun with postage

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Columbian souvenir sheets from 1992 occasionally show up on eBay for less than face value. I often use them to mail letters and packages. Some of my friends and I collected stamps in the 1950's, and most of us acquired the lower denomination 1893 Columbians but could never come close to affording the others. It's a treat to be able to use the reprints, including the higher denominations, for the same purpose as the 19th Century originals: postage! (It also dramatizes 125 years of inflation - mailing a letter cost 2 cents in 1893, 50 cents now.)

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  • milbrocomilbroco Posts: 2,709 ✭✭✭

    Yes those Columbians are cool to use.

    When I mail stamps from an ebay sale (of stamps) I always use old postage from 3 cent stamps to twenty nine cents or whatever. And I always try my best to make a theme of stamps on the cover. I once used about 8 Space orientated stamps (all different) on 1 cover. And rocks and minerals for another, again they were all different.


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  • mannie graymannie gray Posts: 7,259 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I used to do that a lot also.
    But then I noticed that the packages with the "old" or unusual stamps tended to disappear with a much greater frequency than packages mailed with current stamps so my savings in postage were negated by pilfered packages.

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