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HELP!! I need you to sell me your MS Jefferson Nickels in the old Rattler Holders. $350!

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I haven't done much with my collection if the past few months, but today I added some pictures to My Rattler Jefferson Nickel Showcase so I thought I would throw out another plea for your help. I'm really not sure how I started homing in on Jeffersons, but here I am. After purchasing a small group of MS Jeffersons in the old Rattler holders, I started to add to it. PLEASE FEED THE ADDICTION!!!
What I am looking for:
MS, i.e. Mint State Jefferson Nickels, no proof coins.
Dates from 1938 to 1964, although, if you have a later date, I would take it
Here is the important part....they MUST be in First Generation Rattler type holders as pictured:

While I appreciate other OGH's, my focus right now is on the rattlers. IF you have a Jefferson in a Doily, I would be interested in that as well.

ANY help, leads, etc is greatly appreciated. Offering $350

Thank you.


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