Another kind of duplicate...

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The Monnaie de Paris will do restrikes (properly identified) and makes custom items.

I have had this medal for quite some time, and it is the original Bazor medal using the obverse:

Nice designs do get reused though either as a straight up restrike, or for a different commercial entity. Or, (like in @harasha 's thread), for artistic purposes.

I found this one ebay recently:

The edgemark includes a cornucopia, without a year, so it was LIKELY made before 1966 (or 1996 depending on internet source...and I've seen 1984 on several restrikes done by the Monnaie de Paris).

The other edge marking is 1argent. Which is positively lovely as the 1, 2, or 3 in conjunction with argent means .925, .900, or .835(?) fineness. That makes this medal .925/sterling.

I haven't been able to confirm the weight yet as my coin scale goes up to 100 grams. The listing gave the weight as 171 grams, which 'feels' close. I made a bid at the opening price, waited on pins and needles, and got it. Even with a very high shipping price and assuming the listing has the weight correct, I scored this medal for UNDER MELT.

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