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FS: Operation Bernhard PCGS Certified Notes, Connecticut colonial note PMG 45 EPQ Ex. Midnight Ride

Three notes for sale as I'm selling my collection to pay for medical school. Lots of references on the US Coin forum, though my activity has dropped off since starting school. Feel free to send questions or offers.

1777 7 Pence Connecticut Colonial Currency Note 10/11/77 PMG XF 45 EPQ $150

Connecticut October 11, 1777 7 Pence, PMG Choice Extremely Fine 45 Exceptional Paper Quality.
From the Midnight Ride Collection- one of the most complete and impressive colonial paper collections ever assembled.

Bold printing, hand numbering, and signature of Ebenezer Plummer. Hard to find pedigree and EPQ designation.

Bank of England £10 1934-43 Operation Bernhard Nazi Counterfeit PCGS VF 35 $350

Bank of England £20 1929-34 Operation Bernhard Nazi Counterfeit PCGS VF 35 $350

In 1942, S.S. Major Walter Bernhard Kruger assembled a group of Jewish artists, engravers, printers, and technicians in the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in order to counterfeit British paper money. The operation was massive in its scope. Nearly nine million notes were printed, totaling more than £130 million. While the Germans could not effectively introduce the notes into circulation en masse, they were nonetheless effective in stoking fears about the British money supply due to their impressive quality. Britannia is at upper left, and the denomination guilloche at lower left. Most of the counterfeits seen today are in mid-grade, and this example is a bright and pleasing representative from this historic narrative. The story of these notes is told in the movie, The Counterfeiters.

Asking my cost from several years ago on these. They're an amazing piece of history, but I still do not want to profit given the history of the notes. Identical note and grade just sold for $552 in Newman HERE.

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