Touching currency with bare hands?

Hey guys quick question I never really thought about before. How bad is it to touch currency with your hands? I ask because I recently just bought a nice bill that I am going to have graded. However the store I bought it from took it out of the sleeve without gloves or anything and were looking at it to see the grade and what not. So how bad is this? Anything I should do to insure no damage over time? Advice is great!


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    Things like this happens often. I try to use gloves as much as possible, especially when I'm looking at high end items. My suggestion is to put it a sleeve as soon as possible. Let us know what it is and the results of you submission. Good luck !!! :)

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    Clean hands, be gentle, and enjoy your notes.

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    Obviously if the guy in the store was eating potato chips or doing an oil change just before handling the note, there could be a problem. As long as visible soiling wasn't left behind, you should be OK. It's not like a copper coin where a fingerprint could show up at a later date.

    Washing hands is a good idea and gloves even better. This really only matters on the highest grades.

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    Careful, you'll burst into flames if you touch it! ;)

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