Need help veriying if it's real and if so what it is.

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This one seems to be a bit smaller and in better condition than my other ones which leaves me somewhat suspicious, anyway any help on identifying the coin or it's genuinity is appreciated- DAJ


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    I am uncomfortable with this cash piece, especially the reverse. It appears to be a copy of a cash piece issued during the reign of the Jia Qing emperor (1796 - 1821). The example in my collection weighs about 5.5 grams and is about 24 mm in diameter.

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    You can go to eBay and look at the many auctions for modern "replicas" of cash coins. Some are artificially aged. I am not saying that yours is one of them, but it could be. After seeing some that are out there you might get a better feel for what is being faked today. Collecting these has become very difficult due to modern forgeries.

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    Sorry, but this one's a replica. The style of writing is quite wrong for a genuine cash coin, and whoever made it seems to be unfamiliar with the Manchu script (the squiggles on the reverse, the bottom pic), since the word on the left-hand side (the Manchu word for "mint") is quite garbled; it seems to have morphed into a flower.

    It would have been made as part of a "good luck charm", or perhaps as funeral money.

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    Appreciate it, I thought it looked fake just had to make sure.

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