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Hi everyone!My dad bought what he was told was an ancient Jewish coin that was covered in corrosion, after restoring the coin, we have discovered it appears to be an ancient roman coin, could anyone please help identify the coin and what metal it is made of?


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    Also this coin is very thick and large

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    This piece is trying to suggest that it was issued by the Emperor Antoninus Pius about 140 AD and the reverse side is supposed to be the 'She-Wolf' suckling the twins Romulus and Remus. If it is genuine, it is in poor condition and it is possibly not genuine.

    Go to Wikipedia and type-in "She-Wolf" (Roman Mythology).

  • Thank you so much bill for all the great information!, emp. Antoninus pius was one of the ones I thought it was from google. I'm glad to have another great opinion. I believe the coin to be authentic, the condition was rather poor after restoration and removal of all the corrosion. The guy we bought it from I believe said he picked it up in israel from a fellow collector/seller, when purchasing he thought it was an ancient Jewish coin and that's what he told us also. LOL, there was no way to identity the coin due to the amount of corrosion before restoration.

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    The She-wolf has been a symbol of Rome since the twins Romulus and Remus were saved from abandonement by a wolf, The right facing wolf appears on A silver didrachm in 269 to 266 BC and is almost identical to the coin images shown above. Most of the later uses have the wolf left facing.
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    Probably the most well-known single representation of the "She-Wolf" is the 'Capitoline Wolf' which is housed in a museum in Rome. This Wolf statue was actually made by the Etruscans at an early date and may have been displayed in the Roman Forum about the time of the Roman Civil Wars. The casts of Romulus and Remus are much later Renaissance-era additions.

    This statue has its own Wikipedia article. Some modern scholars posit that the Wolf was only made about 1,000 years ago during the era of Carolingian empire.

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    I don't see any fakes of this type recorded in Forvm's fake reports. The style looks good, and what's left of the fabric looks consistent with a corroded genuine piece. As long as there's no trace of a casting seem on the edge, it looks good to me. It's neat to see the wolf-and-twins design on a big sestertius, instead of the little bronzes of Constantine's time.

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