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Question on submitting autographed photos

PROMETHIUS88PROMETHIUS88 Posts: 2,816 ✭✭✭✭✭

I have not delved into the world of PSA/DNA very much so please forgive my ignorance. My father owned a shop and I actually have hundreds of autographed sports photos. 8x10's 11x16's 16x20s. Most of the stuff was signed at shows in St. Louis in the 1990's. There are hall of famers but none of the real big money names. (There is a DiMaggio but we had that certified years ago). So I guess I have a couple questions. First, the cost to have these just doesn't seem worth paying to have them authenticated. Is there any way to do bulk or somehow get a reduced fee. Can't pay $20 to have something authenticated when it only sells for $15-25 on Ebay.
Second, and this was really the reason for my post, I ran across some celebrity 8x10's and I saw the CC special had 50% off this month so I picked 8 that I thought I would send in to have authenticated. At $10 each, it would be worth it. I filled out the submission form and have them all ready but how do I ship them in? Will they accept them in a flat envelope with cardboard inside or do they have to be in a box? I didn't see any real guidelines for that..... unless I just missed it. Thanks for your expert advice!


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