My One from Every Country Collection

Reading and commenting on the thread recently started by @GotTheBug got me really going with my own long-dormant collection, and I've been thinking about it quite a bit since I replied to his thread. Looked through all my scans in the album and I remembered why I got so involved in this hobby starting in 2008. I don't believe I ever really talked about or shared my OFEC collection, because it's mostly modern and all scans. But I've decided to anyway. I know scans are not the best for showing coins, but I like the uniformity of it, for someone with OCD that's a big deal, lol.

I'm actually thinking about rescanning my collection, I bought a new scanner in 2016 and it can make MUCH better coin scans than the one it upgraded. But so far I have not made a decision either way, so for now you get the original scans, not all of which are good. I apologize for the lack of quality on some of them that you will be seeing. If I do decide to rescan them, I will edit this post with new images- I'm planning to keep updating it as I work on my collection and add to it. The small scans were made with my first scanner, the large ones with my second scanner as a general rule.

For me, name changes are what's important. Governing bodies are not, if they kept the same name then it counts as one country for me. You'll see.

And now, in alphabetical order:

Algeria 1964 two centimes

Andorra 1999 centim

Argentina 1950 20 centavos

Armenia 1994 twenty luma

Aruba 1998 5 cents. This one I believe came from a neighbor who vacationed there and brought one back for me.

Australia 2006 dollar. I traded with forum member @Sapyx for this coin.

Austria 1993 10 groschen

Austria-Hungary 1858 A heller. This one is really low grade, one side is almost worn smooth, but it's my only example from the country under that name.

Austrian Netherlands 1797 kronenthaler. This was the first coin I ever purchased from the internet, coming from the BST on this very forum, in 2008. One of the very few coins in this project I went over $10 for. My first coin pre-1800s.

Bahamas 1973 cent Proof

Bailiwick of Guernsey 1998 cent. Mint state coins scan especially poorly.

Bailiwick of Jersey 1998 penny

Barbados 2000 cents

Belgian Congo 1922 10 centimes

Belgium 1958 5 franks Flemish

Belize 1979 cent

Bermuda 1970 cent

Bolivia 1883 10 centavos. Surprisingly the only example of this country in my collection. South America is pretty popular in the "World Coins by the Pound" that a whole lot of these came from.

Botswana 1991 10 thebe

Brazil 1965 10 cruzeiros

British Caribbean Territories Eastern Group 1955 10 cents

British West Africa 1952 shilling

Bulgaria 1974 10 stotinki

Byzantine Empire 527-565 40 nummi. I know they didn't refer to themselves as the Byzantine Empire, but my collection, my rules :smiley:. The Byzantine Empire was my #1 most wanted for a while, I've got three now, but this was the first.

Cambodia 1955 20 cents

Canada 1973 5 cents. Canada was tough to choose from because I have a lot of them, many found in circulation, as this one was. I have been collecting Canadian coinage out of circulation in the USA since the late 1980s and have collected more than 100 different date/denominations that way. When I chose images for this subcollection in 2011 I chose this one, but it could have gone many other ways.

Cape Verde 1994 escudo

Cayman Islands 1996 5 cents

Central Africa 1985 5 francs

Chile 1965 10 centesimos

China 1997 yuan. I thought about going with a cash coin but I can't figure out which way is up, so I went with the easy option.

Colombia 1969 centavo. This was the very first coin out of the very first pound I ordered, in 2008.

Cook Islands 2003 cent

Costa Rica 1983 20 colones

Croatia 2005 2 lipe

Cuba 1994 25 centavos

Curacao 1994 1/10th gulden

Cyprus 1996 bani

Czech Republic 2005 50 haleru

Czechoslovakia 1923 koruna

Czech-Slovak Federal Republic 1992 koruna

Denmark 1941 5 ore

Dominican Republic 1989 25 centavos

East Africa 1941 five cents. This scan is really, really bad and I considered not even posting it. But it's my only example from this country.

East Caribbean States 1991 dollar

Ecuador 1988 10 sucres

Egypt 1984 5 piasters

El Salvidor 1991 colon. This one has been with me since the 1990s, I got it at the science store in the Danbury Mall, circa 1995, when I first showed some interest in the hobby.

England 1271-1307 penny. This was a Christmas gift from a forum member. Amazing!

Eritrea 1997 ten cents

Estonia 1991 5 senti. Another one from the Science Store.

Ethiopia 1977 cent

Falkland Islands 1998 cent

Fiji 1987 10 cents

Finland 1999 10 Euro cents. This was my first Euro, which I traded for on a non-coin hobby forum circa 2002.

France 1970 5 francs. My dad actually found this one on a bus in the 1990s.
French Equatorial Africa 1948 franc

French Indo-China 1941 S 20 centimes

French New Caledonia 1949 50 centimes

Gambia 1971 five butus

Georigia 1993 thetri

German Democratic Republic 1972 50 pfennig

German States- Bavaria 1858 pfennig.

German States- Hamburg 1765 four shilling. I purchased this one at a local shop, now closed. One of the few I went above $10 for. If my memory is correct this one cost me $20.

German States - Hesse-Cassel 1820 1/24th of a thaler. I bought this the same time I bought the Hamburg piece above. It's slightly bent but good enough for me!

German States- Nassau 1850 kreuzer

German States - Prussia 1863A Silber Groschen. All three German States that I did not buy at the local shop came from this forum.

Germany 1913 A 5 pfennig

Gibraltar 2000 penny

Great Britian 1920 penny

Greece 2002 Euro

Guyana 1990 25 cents

Haiti 1997 5 cents

Honduras 1998 5 centavos

Hong Kong 1966 fifty cents

Hungary 1944 pengo. I'm only one year away from completing the Pengo of this type, if I recall correctly.

Iceland 1974 50 aurar

India 1977 5 paise

Indonesia 1971 25 rupiah

Iran 1976 rial (I think)

Iraq 1981 25 fils

Ireland 1968 shilling

Isle of Man 1977 half penny

Israel 1979 5 lirot

Italy 1909 20 centesimi

Jamaica 1972 five cents. Believe it or not, but I got this one in circulation here in the USA.

Japan 2002 ten yen (I think)

Jordan 1970 5 fils

Kenya 1969 shilling

Kyrgyzstan 2008 ten tiyin

Laos 1980 10 att

Lebanon 1952 15 piaster

Liberia Proof 1972 cent. This was the first proof coin I ever saw in person.

Liege 1723 liard. Pretty sure this one came from this forum as well.

Lithuania 1991 two centai

Luxembourg 1981 franc

Malaya 1950 ten cents

Malaya and British Borneo 1962 cent

Malaysia 1992 ten sen

Mali 1961 five francs. A gift from members of this forum.

Malta 1998 cent. Got it as a Christmas present, because it has a weasel on it.

Marshall Islands 1988 Space Shuttle Discovery. I am not really into NCLT but I will make rare exceptions. I actually got this one at a car show, there is occasionally a coin dealer who sets up at one of our biggest car shows. Does quite well too. Actually the same show I took my current profile photo at.

Mauritius 1991 rupee

Mexico 2007 50 centavos

Moldova 1996 ban

Morocco 1951 five francs

Mozambique 1974 20 centavos

Netherlands 1942 25 cent. My grandfather brought this one home from WWII. Finding what he had brought home played a role in my becoming a true coin collector, so this one is pretty important to me.

Netherlands Antilles 1971 gulden

New Zealand 1967 five cents

Newfoundland 1865 cent

Nicaragua 2002 five centavos

Nigeria 1973 ten kobo

Norway 1962 ore. One of my favorite coin designs ever. You may recall I used a squirrel as my profile picture on here for most of my first 9 and a half years as a member here.

Pakistan 1963 25 paisa

Panama 1940 two and a half balboa. I bought this on my first ever trip to a coin store, in May 2008.

Papal States 1721-24 quattrino. Purchased from Allan Berman.

Papua New Guinea 1995 20 toea

Paraguay 2006 500 guaranties

Peru 1969 half sol de oro

Philippines 1993 piso

Poland 1970 5 groszy

Portugal 1987 50 escudos

Rhodesia 1964 sixpence

Romania 1966 five bani

Rome, 324-325 follis, Cyzicus mint. My first ancient coin, my first Roman artifact. I'm a big time devotee of ancient Rome. This is one of my favorites in my collection, even though I have rarer Emperors and even a couple silver, this one will always be my first. I got it from @lordmarcovan on the BST here in 2008.

Russia 1991 ten roubles. I got this one from a friend of the family who went to Russia in the 1990s. I don't believe this coin design is listed in Krause.

Sasanian Empire, 591-628 dracm. This coin is the most I've spent for a single issue in this entire project, $25, from Allan Berman at the Danbury Coin Show several years ago.

Saudi Arabia 2002 10 halala

Serbia 1875 50 para

Sicily 1717 grana, a gift from @bobsr the first country I have added since 2014

Singapore 1989 five cents

Slovakia 1993 ten halers. Another one I got at the Science Store circa 1995.

Slovenia 2000 tolar. This one needs a new scan.

Somalia 2000 5 shillings

Somaliland 2002 ten shillings

South Africa 1996 ten cents

South Arabia 1964 fils

South Korea 2002 100 won

South Vietnam 1968 twenty dong

Spain 1945 ten centavos

Sri Lanka 2002 five rupees

St. Pierre & Miquelon 1948 franc

Straits Settlements 1896 ten cents

Swaziland 1999 five cents

Sweden 1954 50 ore

Switzerland 1965 half franc

Syria 1997 10 pounds. Another one that needs a new scan. The color is closer to the back but that's not right either.

Taiwan 1955 chiao

Tanzania 1976 20 senti

Thailand 1999 baht

Togo 1957 25 francs

Trinidad & Tobago 1977 ten cents

Turkey 1987 100 lira

Uganda 1987 five shillings

Ukraine 1992 5 kopijok

United Arab Emirates 50 fils. I have not been able to determine the year yet

United States of America 1976 D quarter. I didn't have any trouble picking the coin for the USA, even though the vast majority of my collection is from here, as I am from the USA. My dad used to save every one of these, saying they would be rarer than the regular ones. While I know that's not true, I save them in honor of him. I may not have become a collector if not for him. I didn't even know he had a collection while he was alive, he had it stored leaning on the back of our home's heater. That went bad in 2008, and when we had it replaced we found his stash. I had never seen anything like the stuff he found, and I got hooked on the hobby. I now save all the bicentennial quarters I get in honor of him, and have collected 2 full rolls out of circulation. We lost him to cancer in 2002.

Uruguay 1994 20 centesimos

Uzbekistan 1994 tiyin

Vatican City 1977 100 lira

Venezuela 1967 bolivar

Yugoslavia 1953 2 dinara

Zambia 1983 ngwee. The last one from the Science store.

Zimbabwe 1980 five cents

In all, there are 165 different countries represented in this sub-collection and I think I may have a few more I forgot to copy into this file, or maybe just didn't scan yet. I didn't keep very good records of my collection from 2014-2017 so I'm not really sure what I've gotten in that time. It's not much, but there is some. Got to try and find the stuff so I can document it properly. The last new addition I typed in was on 9/9/2014 so I have some work ahead of me!

I have been working on it since 2008 although I hadn't realized yet at the time that was what I wanted to do.

I tend to favor coins with portraits on them, but that isn’t really as common as it used to be, a lot of them are from before I have access to (or more accurately, am willing to pay for) so barring that, I chose a lot of coins showing animals, which is not something I consciously thought about, I noticed it when looking at my gallery.

Just because I think it's cool looking, here is a screencap of the file I keep of this project, and used for this post.

Thank you for reading and thank you especially to those of you who have helped me over the years, those I mentioned and those I did not.

Billy Kingsley ANA R-3146356 Cardboard History // Numismatic History


  • bobsrbobsr Posts: 275 ✭✭✭

    Well Well Well I see the little spark turned out to be a raging fire. Amazing collection and a great tool for reference for those of us who have an occasional coin we can't identify. I am honored to be mentioned in your post and I'm especially glad to see that little copper UN Grano has found a good home with such notable friends.

  • DBSTrader2DBSTrader2 Posts: 2,828 ✭✭✭

    Cool post & love all the pictures!

    I started a similar set a decade ago, which began as 1-per-country and morphed into what I like to call my "1-per-phase/ruler/political-entity-per-country" - - i.e. "Kingdom" to "Republic" to "Socialist State" to "Democratic Republic" to "Peoples' Republic", etc, etc, etc........ I believe I now have over 300 "categories".

    Do you have a list of those you are still looking for?

    I especially like the fact that you save Bicentennial quarters in honor of your Dad. I save them, too, simply because I like their design. I must have about 2 rolls' worth as well.

    I also like that you collect U.S. & Canadian, as they are my mainstays as well. Do you collect just out of circulation, or better grades or slabs? Folders or Albums? If you have a "haves/needs" list for both, PM them to me - - maybe I can help. Always up for trades!

    Again, congrats & nice pics!

  • tonedSilvertonedSilver Posts: 132 ✭✭✭

    That was a nice story about your dad. Thank you for sharing it.

    Nice collection of coins and it seems that the goal has kept you quite busy.

  • I have a pretty random OFEC collection with a few coins the same as yours. For some reason, like you I added in some of the German States to the mix.

    Now........Everything must go.

  • MrBreezeMrBreeze Posts: 876 ✭✭✭

    Your U.A.E. 50 fils is dated 2013. It is dually dated 2013 - AH1434.

  • BillyKingsleyBillyKingsley Posts: 2,542 ✭✭✭

    Thank you for the replies! It's funny, this started out as a side project and gradually grew into what I enjoyed the most, and has since become what I work on when I add to the collection, which isn't too often anymore... All but one of these have been in my collection since 2014.

    @bobsr yes I'm fully back into it now, and that Sicilian piece sure has found a good home!

    @dbstrader2 I don't have a list of what I'm missing, I base more on what I have, anything not present is part of the wantlist, lol. I collect by date and mintmark as well, but it's not a driving force. Most of my US and Canada came out of circulation but I've purchased older stuff as well. I'm all over the map, really. Although I'm only showing one per country here I collect whatever I can get my hands on, from everywhere. I go for quantity over quality, to me quantity is quality! I'm not really much of a slab guy...grade isn't that important to me, which probably shows from some of these scans. I store most of my world coins in a metal container I bought akin to a bucket or barrel. Special stuff is usually still in the 2x2 they came in. Most of these coins cost me about 8 cents, really. I have not updated my wantlist since 2013, the last time I went to a coin show. Hoping to go to the Danbury CT show in March so I should probably get to work updating it again!

    @MrBreeze thank you! I've been trying to figure that one out since I got it in December 2014. I can usually figure out the dates on Arabic coinage using the guide in Krause but this one got me.

    Thanks again everyone!

    Billy Kingsley ANA R-3146356 Cardboard History // Numismatic History
  • DBSTrader2DBSTrader2 Posts: 2,828 ✭✭✭

    Billy: "Junk-bin" collecting........... a man after my own heart! ;) Can't say I usually got them as low as 8 cents each, but along those same lines!

    So do you scan each one before you toss them in that metal container, or do you have to sift thru everything to find what you want to look at, etc at any given time? Yikes!

  • GotTheBugGotTheBug Posts: 1,167 ✭✭✭

    Billy - Impressive! Thanks for posting all of those pieces. Pretty amazing how Queen Elizabeth's various portraits occur on so many coins.

    "Be still Taggart, be still. My mind is aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought, careening through a cosmic vapor of invention!" Hedley Lamarr
  • jayPemjayPem Posts: 2,381 ✭✭✭

    This is so cool!
    Really appreciate these kind of collections. Especially love that your most expensive coin is $25 :)
    Inspiring to see what your up to.

  • BillyKingsleyBillyKingsley Posts: 2,542 ✭✭✭

    They all get scanned scanner is always plugged in to my computer and ready to use at a moment's notice, then they get put away. I look at the scans way more than I look at the actual coins actually.

    Thanks again everyone!

    Billy Kingsley ANA R-3146356 Cardboard History // Numismatic History
  • BillyKingsleyBillyKingsley Posts: 2,542 ✭✭✭

    New country added: Seychelles

    It was not the only new one I added but I am having a hard time pulling an image of the others...hopefully will be able to update soon.

    Billy Kingsley ANA R-3146356 Cardboard History // Numismatic History
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