Thoughts on this 1902 $5 dollar Fr. 607, PCGS 55?

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I have this note on hold for me but $350 is a lot for something I am struggling to find online. They claim there is only 24 known Lynchburg 1902 five dollar bills but I have no idea. Can anyone shed some light on this? is $350 good? can anyone find another example? Thanks guys!


  • I found a couple in the Heritage archives that are 63/64 and sold for $680 or so. Though the note you are looking at has the obvious corner bumps, without being in hand it doesn't appear to have any other standout problems. I would think the price is fair, tho I myself would do a bicker and try to get a little off too.

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    The latest T&P census does show 24 large. Heritage sold a PCGS 63 for $705 in 2013 and a PCGS 62 for $646.25 in 2014. They also sold a "raw" 55 in for $241.50 in 2012. This particular note was called a "raw" Choice CU by both LFK in 2007 and Goldbergs in 2003 where it sold for $575 and $632.50, respectively. The current T&P valuation for an AU note is $350 so that price is right in the ballpark.

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    Sweet !!! :)

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    Good news, i traded in aome stuff and basically got it for $295! My best currency piece!

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    Great, congratulations !!! :)

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