NEWP French Libertas medal & Saxony skull medal

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I totally should have started this thread on the dark side. I totally need to spend more time here. I always learn when I do. New goal for me

Added this to the Libertas and Libertas related collection.

cardinal was kind enough to fill me in on the “bell” factor which I’m totally enarmoured with.


This one is sometimes referred to as the "French" Libertas medal, and it commemorates the convention of artists in Lyon in 1792. The engraver of the medal was Andre Galle, with "Galle" seen in the Liberty's truncation.

These were struck out of "bell metal," as the metal for the medals came from melted church bells. That is not a very good metal for coining, as it is quite brittle, so the typical example shows cracks or porosity on the surfaces.

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