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Short Snorter

I have a $1 bill with the signatures of Max Conrad, Rod Jocelin, F. Lee Bailey, James Gilbert, Pete Myers, Harold Krier, Bill Sweet, Joyce Case, Curtis Pitts, Mary Akins and Bob Hoover, Pete Bowers, Duane Cole, Wayne Flickinger, Whitey Tilton, Steve Wittman, Paul Poberezny, Jim Bede, Don Pittman, Mary Gaffney, Igor Bensen, Bob Herendean Mira Slovak, Bill Lumley, Bill Dodd and Ann Pellegreno, Ed Maler.

I have no documentation...this is a dollar bill my father carried to various air shows. It appears that all signatures were done in a red pen, so it looks terrible, the bill is folded twice, and most of the signatures are faded and unreadable.

I suspect it's only worth a dollar, but what do I know?


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