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Buying Autographs of all shapes, sizes, and genres. Prefer presidential but open to look at anything.

Shoot me a message with what you have.



  • Four Rolling Stines. Jagger Watts Wood and Richards all signed on one pic. Rich Engler promoter in Pittsburgh Pa.got it signed for me 1998

  • Hello this is my first time on this forum, or any forum period. Anyhow i have a Spalding Basketball autographed by the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. I have not taken to get authenticated only because i've never seriously thought about selling it until now. The Basketball was left to me along with other sports memorabilia by my uncle who past away 7+ years ago. Anyhow i know the ball is authentic without any doubt, and if i find someone that is interested in it but wil only purchase if i get authenticated, then i will. If i can find someone that knows about autographs and knows that this ball is authentic and willing to purchase it the way it is, i would sell it at a fraction of what it's worth. So if you are interested or know someone that is interested, then please contact me so we can discuss how to proceed. Thank you

  • Ted 1Ted 1 Posts: 221 ✭✭

    Have a Phil Spector autograph, signed in 1998.

    Peace Dollars, National Banknotes from small towns, Lowball Notes.

  • I have a few autographs that I personal got. Smash mouth , Mickey Thomas from Starship, Kifer Sutherland. And Earl Campbell. Also Art Monk and a few more. Oh pat smear from nirvana. Let me know.

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