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Hello All,

I wanted to post this after having several conversations with customers.

The amount of recent, incoming business to PSA has been unprecedented. I have been here for over 18 years and have simply seen nothing like it.

Our staff is fully aware of how slow the turnaround times have been. There is no reason to sugar coat it…from entering the submissions into the system to shipping them out, it has been slow.

While we have added several people to our staff since our move in November and authorized plenty of overtime, the demand for our services has outpaced our ability to keep up.

The reality is that we simply can’t “go faster” or cut corners in a business like ours. Each person, at every stage of the process, is only capable of processing so many items per day.

In addition, we are handling your valuables and our company takes that quite seriously. We need to make sure that every person handling the collectibles are properly trained, and that training can take time.

The good news is that we continue to add to our team and train new members, which means we are capable of processing more items each day than ever before.

We have a loyal and passionate customer base, one that drives our brand and business. I have been on the other side (as a customer) and know how frustrating it can be to not get your collectibles back in a timely manner. So, any frustration shared by our customers out there is completely understood.

All our company can say is that we appreciate your patience more than you know as we work to further build our capacity – the right way.

Take care and thank you for your understanding.

Joe Orlando
CEO, Collectors Universe, Inc.
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