PMG 66 YB Experimental failed auction, Juice holding it back?

Great note, wondered why it didn't sell, then saw a $750 bid goes to $900.00 when HA adds their fees.
Price seems close enough to the going rate yet it didn't sell. Are the auction house fees holding this back?
Estimates: $1,500 - $2,000
Why didn't it sell in your eyes?
- all opinions welcome!


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    Great question, I saw that as well. In previous years, I would have fought for that note , but I was focused on Experimentals at that point in time, and once I had them all in various grades and serial numbers, I let them go. These Experimentals are a very niche area, and at this grade level, the number of serious buyers thins out a bit. My assumption is that the Small Size Experimentals market is at a low demand point, with few buyers and, consequently, few sellers. Could be an excellent time to carefully go after them, but good luck finding them if demand is low. When was the last time you saw any nice 1935 AB/BB/CB notes?

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    Ditto !!! :)

  • Nice note but estimate was too optimistic. Last two 65 *PQ YB experimentals on Heritage sold for $630-705 so $900 seems fair for a 66. I think Goodpaper is correct that experimentals are a niche and the right buyer just wasn’t at the auction.

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  • goodpapergoodpaper Posts: 66 ✭✭✭

    One more observation: the 1928A YB is sort of the "Type Note" for the XB/YB/ZB Experimentals, and while a PMG 66 grade is the Top Pop for that note, PMG records confirm that twelve (12) examples share that grade, which is probably close to the current demand saturation point. Notwithstanding, this note is still very nice!

    "Specializing in Small Size US currency but likely to buy anything high grade or interesting".
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    True observation 1928-A XB and YB do come up in high grade

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    Perhaps seasonal?

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