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PIF Token is utilized as a donation, tipping, & reward based system in market. Through Blockchain technology, Pay it Forward (PIF) Token is an anonymous, secure and fast, peer-to-peer digital asset that can be sent globally! Their goal is to implement and integrate the PIF Token platform into charity institutions and serviced based organizations to accept and utilize our donation, tipping, and reward system on a local level and eventually scaling into more regions.

PIF Token is working diligently in acquiring and establishing new business relationships with some of the largest and most reputable charities on a local level then eventually scaling into other regions. We will be allocating a generous amount of tokens reserved for charities over the course of this project.

Charity service to next level.
Visit here: http://piftoken.co/


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    READER BEWARE - This has nothing to do with currency collecting

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    What on earth does this have to do with numismatics? Also,I did check your link and looked around a little(though admittedly I did not surf the entire site)......"20% of tokens will be allocated and distributed to charities"...so what happens with the 80%? Why is it that this site's moderators allow this stuff.Sir,respectfully,please only use this site for numismatic related posts as all else will be suspect and are certainly not reaching your target audience.I admit to having no knowledge of what it is you're trying to accomplish,but it may be better served elsewhere.

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  • Sorry! This won't happen again

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    Thanks !!! :D

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